For the past 8 years, 2008 -2016, Barrack Obama and the Liberals have implemented policies that have severely weakened and harmed the quality of America’s armed forces.While I do not know all the many policy changes that have been made, a number of serious problems have been in the admission of lower quality people who are not fit for military service. Many standards have been severely lowered and in addition, many people have been allowed to serve in positions they are not physically, emotionally, and in other ways unsuitable for the jobs they have been given.

Yes you can put a Chimpanzee in a rocket and send it into space, so what, it had no real abilities other than to serve as a living animal subjected to shocks, temp changes, vibrations, weightlessness and perhaps other risk exposures we will never know about. Does this now mean that we should have Chimpanzee Astronauts, or Chimpanzee jet fighter pilots, or chimpanzee Army Rangers or Navy Seals, OF COURSE NOT.

We have had cuts in military equipment, spare parts, manpower in key areas, and at the same time more and more social programs and training for sexual orientation, diversity, enlistees that cannot speak clear English, exceptional numbers of women pregnancies aboard U.S. NAVY ships where women are serving at Sea, and doing the nasty in the dark with male sailors.

Yoga training, and more, less military, more social training, attitudes and policies that rip the serious military morale and culture away and replace it with a Betty Crocker home economics environment. THIS HARMS OUR MILITARY, MOST ESPECIALLY THE WARRIOR MENTALITY OF FIGHTING MEN.

Yes, we all know, women can fight, kill, shoot, stab, drive, fly and operate many of the various pieces of equipment and systems in our military, just not as good and as deadly as men when we factor in strength, guts, endurance, and the comradeship of fighting men. WE SHOULD BE HONEST AND ADMIT THIS.

I have to drive when it snows, fix the roof when the tree falls in a hurricane and saw it up and haul it away. I dig any ditch that is needed to run power and water lines in my normal life’s experiences, build the garage, drive the truck when towing and backing the boat trailer or u-haul it, pick up all the heavy items we have encountered in our lives, and so did your father, uncle, brother, and much more. Yes we know, their are exceptions, so what we should not function by the exceptions, we should use the best options when we can, men doing masculine jobs, women doing feminine jobs, generally.

I have worked in construction, and women rarely did the same physical work the men did, I have worked in engineering, some women were close to the men, but here again, it was a less than the same caliber work, whether in design or in project management where it was many times, hot, dusty, noisy, heights were some times required, in cold and windy environments, and dangerous places, women were less effective than the average man. THIS IS A FACT, SURE, YOU AGAIN CAN FIND AN EXCEPTION, BUT IN GENERAL WHAT I HAVE STATED IS TRUE.

So, we have an armed force to defend our nation, against, Russians, Chinese, North Koreans, Iranians, African Tribal members, MS13 and the Mexican drug cartel, and they would really love it if they faced a company of WOMEN as opposed to a company of equally armed and trained men. WHY IS THIS?

So as I began, Liberals have time and time again made policy decisions that are evil, weak, and wrong when it comes to our military and to our American culture. The past 8 years we saw so many millions of sup par human beings come into America, by sub par, I simply mean they were non English speaking, unhealthy, unskilled, had no America values, and were liabilities in en every regard. This is also true to a lesser extent in regards to many legal immigrants who came in under various Obama work programs and paid for entry into the U.S. by providing opportunities in many different ways to the Liberals in power.

Many were admitted into the U.S. Armed Forces, and many have been severe problems to our Armed Forces. Yes, their were exceptions.

So, our President is slowly making changes, programs such as the MAVNI program that began in 2009 by OBAMA. IT HAS NOT WORKED OUT WELL.

Their are other similar programs that allow foreign people to wear the uniforms of the U.S. MILITARY, I am opposed to this, if they want to use supplemental troops under the command of U.S. Officers, ok, keep them in their compounds, in separate uniforms, and do not make them U.S. Citizens. They get paid if they do what is asked of them, no retirement in Palm Springs, no VA LIFETIME PX OR OTHER PROGRAMS.

Make our military, A MILITARY, strong healthy competent drug free Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines who have the physical and mental ability to succeed in their positions. No social experiments, No Transgenders, women in women only ratings and career positions in not direct battle front roles reasonably possible.

Severely Punish violations of the UCMJ, (Uniform Code Of Military Justice) officers and enlisted alike, punish people who violate their sworn oaths and the law’s and regulations they are required to follow. This is today a Volunteer force,. don’t want to follow rules, don’t enlist, if you do, then be held accountable for any violations. BERGDHAL SHOULD BE EXECUTED BY FIRING SQUAD, THE SAME FOR BRADLEY MANNING, NOT GIVEN A FREE SEX CHANGE OPERATION AND LIKELY CARE FOREVER.

So we now have more conservatives in name in our current administration today, so far they are stumbling along like drunken sailors, infighting, cannot stand together and support their president and repeal and replace Obama care with a system that can both be afforded, and that is legal under our constitution, our government has limited responsibility for our welfare in all regards, we need to recognize this FACT.

We should expect to have a National defense, a currency that is regulated, a post office, court system, a congress, and a few other things, but our personal lives are to be fed, clothed, kept warm, primarily by each adult family leader, and if no such leader exists and you are under age, we have a system state by state regulated and charged with that duty. But we have no rights to be given a Cadillac, golf club membership, dental care, eyeglasses, hair cuts, tanning bed services, and gym privileges just because we are alive here in the U.S. This kind of thinking is straight from the Socialist propaganda, well pushed by Bernie Sanders, Hillary and Obama. and the next left wing mouthpiece to show up soon to start the liberal parade of stooges again. In the meantime we must build a fire under the current so called conservatives and get the healthcare build done, tax reform done, the Southern border wall built and enforced with adequate numbers of guards and adequate law enforcement tools and laws to keep out illegals of all kinds.We must rebuild our Armed Forces and re-verse Obama policies regarding who can serve.

Much has already been done, much more is required, it is never finished, just like your nice lawn, you must nurture, fertilize, and cut the grass as long as you so are able to do it.