Thank you President Trump and thanks to those senior military leaders who now are able to function with policies that will strengthen, not weaken the moral and the cohesive required unit effectiveness of our Nations most important Goverment function.

Changing your natural born sex is Sinful, and is a perverted action. Many of of these sex change decisions come from the evil minds of the child’s parents. And this serious action, will cause life long phycological issues with those who undertake this dreadful act .Many, if not most gender changes are the decision of the parents, GOD created them one way, but the perverted parent wants them to be another way, shame on those who do this.

When GOD assigned your sex, he hard wired the Genetic code and all the harmonne treatment will never change that fact, THE SEX GOD MADE YOU IS YOUR SEX.

I saw that our Nations newest Aircraft Carrier, The USS Gerald R. Ford CVN- 78 has no Urinals, to pee, a male must now use the toilet bowl, making unhealthy splashes and unclean, slow, backwards step in the once simple bathroom act by males is now altered by the PC, LIBERAL, OBAMA Administration MORONS with the direction and full support of the former weirdo Liberal Secretary of the NAVY Malbus.

This weak left wing man along with many of the left wing Admirals and Generals who remain in the minority of our military, but who have and still remain committed to have more QUEERS, and weirdos to move into key military roles. They also want women in our U.S. NAVY SEALS, some are on the Army Ranger program and this is harmful.


They should not be on Submarines, Warships  or any ship with men other than hospital ships or similar.

Transgenders and many homosexuals are emotionally challenged and transgenders are also  physically an anomaly and create confusion in berthing, bathrooms, combat roles, cost more medically for surgery and medication that is not natural and a part of what nature has created. A pregnancy is a normal human function, a yransgender conversion is a choice, and not medically required.

We need every spare dollar, and every member of our military to be as useful and non encumbered as possible to insure that we have an efficient, effective, fighting force to defend the Unites States Of America.

I would Also suggest that homosexuals be limited to places where no top secret information, plans, equipment, or operations are involved and certainly not on combat roles.

Service members already under the stress of combat need not have additional confusion and all the side affects generated by Sexually deviant people, so assign them to non strategic non combat roles.

We have a military that is now being primarily managed by Generals and Admirals, who are now, finally allowed to make tactical battlefield decisions, this was previously done by left wing political liberal lawyers, and President Trump has ended that rotten and ineffective process and placed clear military tactical decisions into the hands of those trained and charged with those tasks.

Many more changes will come, they take years to implement and to change the culture, but it is underway, finally.