I have been and remain a critic of the lack of American’s born after  1960 – 65, in so far as being competent in the basic subjects, Math, Geography, and History.

As to the years that have passed since that time, the problem has been exacerbated with the fact that the students each year are moving into positions such as teachers, and are now teaching kids subjects that the teacher is deficient in.

So as the teachers are progressively more and more deficient in history, geography, and such, and the fact that more and more liberals are becoming teachers, school board members, state law makers and are eliminating history books, geography books and various fundamental courses once taught to America’s youth, as well as the elimination of school prayer and other previous programs that once strengthened the character of our youth, ‘the students become less and less competent, and, less able to defend the lie’s and errors presented by those who wish to erase and or alter the facts about America’s past.

As I stated in numerous papers, today we are having a crisis on many fronts, citizens unprepared to be equipped to defend America’s past as they are not knowledgeable to do so and at the same time we have the left stacking American traditions and culture and fewer and fewer Americans capable and or willing to defend it.

I was alive and very much aware of the stated facts and the , news day after day, decade after decade of the JFK assignation . I have read many books, studied this event along with the Murder of officer J. D. Tippit and can tell you that as time has elapsed, the facts are being altered and as people and evidence had disappeared, who will stand up for history, that is, to maintain the truth. The assassination of Lincoln is more factual and correctly told today than the JFK assassination, if you discount the accused John Wilkes Booth so called Co- conspirators. This area of history is faulty in a number of areas, but not in the facts as to who actually shot Lincoln.  Lee Harvey Oswald and the JFK  and J.D. Tippet Assassination, is quite another story, confusion, distortions, cover-ups, lies, mistakes, and so on totally leave the final conclusion in doubt., no one really knows who all did what, when and how.

I mention these things because they reflect all the parts and pieces of a society that when technology and the character of our citizens change, and they do change, the facts then also get changed, which should never happen.

The character of American youth is being changed by many forces, technology, videos, social media, lies from those who have opposite agendas not the truth, evil influences which God had warned us to be aware of , the dilution of traditional born in America citizens being watered down by legal and illegal immigration.

So, those of us who have an affection to stand behind the truth, the facts surrounding the War to Stop Southern secession, and truth, versus those today who are altering this history and who are attacking it for evil reasons politically, are sooner rather than later leaving the planets living and as we go I do not think we will be replaced.

So, it is likely that what I am writing may be pointless and of no real usefulness other than to satisfy me, in feeling a bit like I am trying to resist those attackers of American history, so perhaps someone who reads this will take up the fight.

I urge all American youth to stretch yourself, be aware of lies, and oppose them, and to do this you must know the truth.