I am no writer, I have no training in this subject, and do what I do only as I feel compelled to speak out on people or topics that I feel have been or are harmful to America and our future as a civil, free nation. So if my statements are not structured or diagrammed correctly, please understand what I just stated. My background was Electrical, with much history embedded along the way, not grammar, English or writing.

I began this site as a opposition to groups and individuals who I feel have a purpose in the erasure, or alteration of the history and of the facts relating to all aspects concerning the so called Civil War, War Between the States and my particular term, The War To Stop Southern Secession or Southern Independence. Regardless of what you call it, most are aware of the war if you are between 12 and 90 and were born and attended school here in America, or at least I assume this is true.

Their are many different points of view as to why their was a war, the reasons, who started it, how it could have been prevented from happening,  and what happened during this war. Here again, I am assuming that most of  the American citizenry, has an opinion, and many have opinions based on opinions, with no factual backup. When we make opinions about history, it is quite nice if they are accurate, and not just some guess you come up with after having drank too much buttermilk or some other liquid that affects your judgement or thinking.

I am not going to dive into all of my positions on all aspects of that terrible war, but I am going to touch on one aspect. Why, Why did Lincoln and many of his officers in the Union army, stoop so low as to make the war about all things evil when it involved Southern civilians, Southern Property, including personal property and valuables owned by civilians, stores, churches, schools, homes, farms, farm equipment, food stores, and all similar non combatant people and things were targets by many Union soldiers.

Some of you have read many articles on the war, and many books, but I suspect that far too many of you are so biased that facts no longer matter. If the facts are supporting what I have stated, you likely gloss over them. I live about 75 miles from Richmond,  60 miles from Cold Harbor, 70 Miles from Petersburg, 70 miles from Fredericksburg, and 150 miles from Appomattox, so all I am saying is I not only live close to many battlefields, I have been to many in Virginia, North Carolina. South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, and Maryland and Pennsylvania, battle sites and historic places. Many other places I have been to are also imortant, but little is mentioned of them. I have been to many old Southern homes, burned down by Union troops, I have seen towns, and Churches, destroyed and desecrated by Union troops. 35 miles from my home in New Kent County, Virginia stands Saint Peters Episcopal Church. St. Peters Parish Church was established in New Kent April 29, 1679, This old church was built in 1701-1703.

On Jan. 6, 1759, Col. George Washington married Martha Dandrige-Custis in this very place. General Robert E. Lee’s wife, was the grandaughter of Martha Dandridge-Custis, so in 1862 when Federal troops were in the area they allowed no less than 30 horses to stay inside the church as a barn after pews were removed, Soldiers carved and wrote on the walls, carved names AND PICTURES INTO THE WOOD, AND HORSES POOPED AND URINATED INSIDE THIS GREAT OLD SACRED CHURCH, AMONG OTHER DESECRATION. THIS WAS ROTTEN BY ANY CIVIL STANDARD.

The Northern army was not led by gentlemen, officers had no problem with their men doing nasty, evil things against any Southern place, nor did they respect the private property of Southern civilians. Many Southern women were assaulted by Northern soldiers.

So while I read and learn about the facts as to slavery, Lincoln, the battles, the politics, I also note the character of the participants, and what comes clearly into focus is the nature of the man, Lincoln, and the Lincoln led army. They acted with evil. They, not every officer, not every soldier, but in general, as a force, they were crude barbarians who acted uncivil, mean, and with extreme mean natures, not found in decent people.

Today we see this with ISIL, and with so many others who are in power in todays world and in governments from the past, Japan, China, Korea, Russia, Germany, Italy, to name a few did these same things in the past. America, other than the ” War To Stop Southern Independence ” was primarily fought by men who were under strict codes of conduct, and rapes, robbery, and theft and directed harm to non combatant civilians was not authorized as a means of warfare. Again, not to say that no soldier violated the law and the rules, as we always have the lawbreaker in our midst, but these things were not the norm, but under Lincoln, against fellow AMERICAN CITIZENS IN THE SOUTHERN STATES THEY WERE ALLOWED.

So I find this the blackest mark in American history, dealing with all the issues America has faced, the Lincoln led army against the South was the worse action of all. Now today we have a continuum, a new war that is being waged by left wing supporters of liberal causes, who no longer respects the ballot box, or the law or common decency. These people are the most ill educated of all American generations so far when it comes to Christian spirit, decency, law abiding, and ethics. They have little if any respect for those things that indicate character of a person. The left, wants what they want no matter what. This started with many black groups and remains so and has grown into a larger group from Bernies supporters to democrats and anti conservatives, anti- trump socialists. They thought Hillary or Bernie would win the election and then give them free everything, we would have a small or no military at all, free medical coverage, free education, open borders free sex, gays everywhere, less laws, more illegal drugs made legal, more abortions, more free drug clinics, less law enforcement, more welfare, and how this was going to be paid for, why the Government can pay for it, no problem. These Morons have no clue, had none then, have none now, they or delusional when it comes to economics, when it comes to morality, when it comes to truthfulness, when it comes to Christianity, decency, working and self reliance is not in their existence or a reality they agree with.

The time is fast approaching when lawlessness will be a major crisis, and Americans will be in danger, especially in the cities of America. These people are enraged with President Trump and Republicans, conservatives, and almost anyone not a democrat or a liberal minded or socialist minded person. This is getting bad. WE now today have several Liberal groups taking on gangland status, forming large groups of people who are anarchists.They will become violent in time, similar to the Underground anti-American groups of the 60’s, but more capable with today’s cell phone and internet  to mass operate in very dangerous ways.

We, the civil minded, the law obeyors, the non Liberals, will need to be vigilant, and while I have always practiced” BE PREPARED ” I suggest this to you. Be armed and be trained with firearms. Be lawful, but just know tomorrow may be violent, and you may have to defend yourself and family, so just wake up to this possibility.

Do pay attention to your elections, please do not give votes to left wing liberals, do not vote for supporters of abortion, of socialism, of open borders, of political correctness, support free and FAIR trade, support capitalism, self reliance, their is no free lunch, we must be productive and work for our wealth, not expect the government to provide us a live of luxury, so vote for conservative honest people, in your city, state and national elections. Disaster will come if you fail to do this.