If you are one of the estimated 70 million American citizens who are descendants of a Confederate Soldier or sailor, or simply a citizen who knows American history and therefor knows that the creation of the Confederate States Army and Navy was for defensive use only, then I want to speak to speak to you. Many do not seem to understand that the Confederate States Army-Navy was in place to overthrow no one. It was never part of any movement to take land from other states in the Union, or to topple any government. It was formed for only one reason, to defend the 12 Southern States and their citizens against the unheard of act where President Abraham Lincoln sent 75,000 troops against South Carolina.

Virginia would not allow it’s state to be used by this invading army, and stopped the Federals at Mananas, Virginia in 1861. From that time on through the next for years, the Federal armies moved against the Southern people, AMERICAN CITIZENS, PEOPLE LIKE YOU AND ME, TO BE ROBBED, TO HAVE OUR FARMS AND HOMES RANSACKED AND BURNED DOWN, OUR LIVESTOCK STOLEN, OUR VALUABLES STOLEN, , MANY OF OUR WOMEN RAPED, M,ANY OF OUR NON COMBATANT, NON MILITARY CITIZENS MAIMED AND KILLED, BY LINCOLNS INVADERS ACROSS THE SOUTH.

So I am today PROUD, VERY PROUD, of General Robert Edward Lee, a christian man who loved GOD, who was kind and very decent and a man of extreme character who led the Army Of Northern Virginia in it’s defense against this invasion. This army created and used the Confederate Battle Flag as a means of troop locations in the smoky, dusty environments of movements of large numbers of men, horses, wagons, cannon and musketry fire so as to tell where these units were so as to know how to position them, and also not to fire on the wrong troops.

Today, this would not be possible, as back then it was totally dishonorable to use the flag of the enemy to misidentify your army.

So, to own and to fly the Confederate Battle Flag is to show respect and honor to Robert E. Lee and all the officers and men who bravely and honorable served to save their families and homelands from the invaders.

Please give consideration to purchasing a 25-35 ft. flag pole or just a pipe will do, and a 4′ X 6′ or larger Confederate Battle flag and then to fly it. If you fly it at night, have a light on it. When id fades or becomes torn in 4-6 months, replace it with a new flag, respect is paramount. I also will say, if you are an American, also do the very same thing and fly an American flag. If the two flags are to be on the same flagpole, the American flag must be at the top, the Confederate Flag below, this is America, and we may be descendants of Southern soldiers, but we also are descendants of American Soldiers.

Please Do not use these flags in any disrespectful or unlawful act, they are not representatives of dishonor or hate or lawlessness, but represent bravery, Independence and freedom.