Yes I would, if the following things were true about the candidate and the Democratic party.

1. The Democratic party had converted to a party of good, honest, civil, decent human beings and Stood for Christian principles, opposed abortion, opposed same sex marriage, opposed Transgenders, opposed legalization of harmful drugs
like Marijuana, Cocaine, Oxycontin, and all similar evil drugs. If they supported secure closed borders with good immigration standards to protect Americans from criminals and people who are harmful to our way of life. If also they supported a strong U.S. Military, and law and order. If they opposed College professors, teachers and administrators who teach our youth to be anti American, anti Christian, and anti law and order. Who refuse to allow for conservative and Christian speakers to come and speak free from violence, and where the administrators oppose Christians and conservatives and refuse law and order and civility. If democrats opposed sanctuary Cities, and supported the Federal laws that exist to disallow illegal border trespassers from being arrested and deported based on current laws. I support President Trumps softer policy on going after those illegals with a criminal record since coming here, and we all should do the same as the crime statistics bear this out as a good start.

2. Democrats must be pro American, AMERICA FIRST, our jobs, our citizens and our economy and our welfare should come first before we send money, job’s out and or bring workers in.

3. Democrats must be willing to work along side of other political party members in the legislative branch to move policies along that are good for our people and reasonable. The streets are not made of gold, we cannot afford every crazy idea, but Democrats, and Republicans must not oppose bills solely because it was written or created by the other party, they should support America FIRST.

4. Democrats must stop the support of blacks, Hispanics, and any group that is solely for the democratic party, because the democratic POLICIES SUPPORT THINGS HARMFUL TO WHAT IS GOOD FOR AMERICA, BUT IS GOOD FOR VOTES FOR DEMOCRATS, THIS IS WRONG.

5. Democrats must stop  the lie’s, the bitter hatred of opposing political parties, they incite violence, look at the recent shootings of Republican members of Congress by the Yellow Liberal Democratic Coward, and then add the following.

  • Nebraska Democratic member Montag say’s he ” Congressman Scalise ” should have F***ing  Died, and More.
  • Johnny Depp said it is time for another actor to shoot the President.
  • Kathy Griffin , holds decapitated resemblance of President Trumps bloody head in her hands.
  • Trinity College Professor Eddy Williams said in reference to the Scalise shooting, should of let the lawmakers all F***ing die, and nothing will be done by the left wing administration as a result, and he is teaching your youth.

The above is a minute picture of the Democratic Party of Hillary Clinton, Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Elizabeth Warren, Elijah Cummings, Chuck Schumer, Ron Widen, Tim Kaine, Eddy Williams, Loretta Lynch, Harry Reid, Donna Brazile, and so many thousands more who lead these evil people.

So, will this happen, in my opinion, NEVER, we live in a world of Good and Evil, the Democrats, Liberals, Marxists, Socialist, Communists, and others are all combined to follow the inspiration of God’s opponent on Earth, SATAN. YES, IF YOU ARE NOT A SUPPORTER AND LOVER OF GOD, THEN i AM SORRY TO SAY THIS, YOU ARE A CHILD OF THE DARK SIDE, YOUR LIFE WILL LEAD TO HELL, UNLESS YOU REVERSE COURSE, LEARN ABOUT JESUS CHRIST, ACCEPT HIM AS YOUR SAVIOR, FOLLOW GOD, AND THEN YOU CANNOT BECOME A DEMOCRAT OR REMAIN A DEMOCRAT, OR ANY OF THE OTHER EVIL GROUPS.