I am still wanting to learn as to why seemingly ” normal people “, if their is such a thing as normal, who can them self see and be clearly informed on an issue, or a subject, and yet come away with opposing positions from the facts. We should all agree with the fact that slavery was in effect across the world more than 5500 years, before what we know today as Jamestown Virginia, which was settled in 1607, or the Spanish who discovered what is today, Saint Augustine Florida and other Florida locations in the 1500’s, or the travels and exploration Columbus in 1492 as he first traveled thru numerous places in what is called today the Caribbean Sea and it’s many Islands. I and you, could go on and on, as these are substantiated facts TO ANYONE WHO IS THE LEAST BIT INFORMED ON WORLD HISTORY, SLAVERY DID NOT BEGIN IN AMERICA.

Now I know this is a short and a simple paper, only intended to try to clear up some confusion, or ignorance, for anyone who is desiring a basic description on what has transpired in America to cause most, not all, but most Opposition against the South and the Confederate period of it’s history, specifically, Confederate history including the Lincoln War to Stop the Southern states from seceding and becoming independent from the Federal government. These 12 or so Southern states, were then and are now sovereign U.S. States.  Each with it’s own Governor, state senate, state House of Representatives, state Constitution, State Supreme Court, militias  and so on. The U.S. Constitution was created by citizen representatives from a number of states that existed in Colonial time, not by the Federal Government. The states existed first, then they created and formed what is today the Federal Government, the U.S. President, the U.S. Senate, the U.S. House of Representatives, and the U.S. Supreme Court, ect. When these state representatives created and wrote the constitution, only a few specific tasks and controls were assigned to the Federal Government, minting the money, providing and operating a Army and Navy, operating a postal system, establishing a Supreme court to resolve differences between the states and a very few other things.

Slavery was in use in the North and in the South during that period.

Many think slavery was a Southern thing only, the largest slave entry and distribution and sales ports were New York and Boston, yes, Northern cities led the way in this business. Many nations used slave labor, white and black slaves, as manpower was the key to building bridges, buildings, ships, and running large agricultural systems.Now, who were these terrible men who sold and bought slaves, many were black African Kings and tribal leaders who had surpluses of males and shortages of food, so it made sense to sell these males who were using up space and food and not needed. The Dutch and others, later British and many different people saw a way to make money as slaves were needed most especially in places that were industrious and building a place to  live and to prosper. Now, while I have stated many times, I wish slavery had never happened, but it happened, and all slaves were not chained prisoners as Hollywood movies depict, some voluntarily agreed to slavery as a way to work for land, this was true in Colonial Virginia when many who arrived here were indentured slaves, or contract workers in today’s way of thinking. They signed on for several years to work then after this they were free and given land. Some were slaves or workers to pay back their owners for their transportation to the New World.

Hollywood and television land liberals make documentaries AND MOVIES ABOUT THE REGULAR WHIPPINGS OF SLAVES, THE MURDER, AND ABUSE. DID IT EVER HAPPEN. YES IT DID, but this was never the norm. The slave owner looked at his slave’s as many would look at their truck, tractor horse, as necessary labor, the means to accomplish work, and were valuable to the slave owner. In the South, where the growing of Cotton, Tobacco, Corn, Rice, Timber, Cattle, Dairy, and many other items, The slave helped make this all happen. The helped clear the lands, plant the crops, maintain and harvest the crops, deliver the harvest to market, maintain the farm animals and buildings, fabricate clothing and leather items from shoes to other things. In the North, less slaves were needed, as the North was industrial and each decade as new inventions came along, water wheel power then steam drove many line shafts in factories and slowly eliminated slave held positions. Eventually it became apparent that it was cheaper for a business owner to hire a person for a daily wage, the only paid them if they worked, no house was provided to them, no food was provided to them, and they only paid the worker, not his wife, mother in law, father, and children, which is exactly what the Southern farmer did. the Southern farm owner had to raise enough food for both his family as well as all the slaves and their family, to get 10 working slaves may mean feeding and housing 30-40 people. As the need subsided in the 1860’s in the North, technology had not assisted the Southerner farmer. It would come, bot not for another 50 or more years. In the meantime, politicians being the rotten low life schemers most are, saw slavery as a divide between Northern people and Southern people, but Abraham Lincoln took office with a pledge that he would not fight to END SLAVERY, nor would he fight to KEEP SLAVERY, this is what Lincoln stated, go check it out.

So Lincoln had his evil barbaric war, not the war over slavery, oh no, the war for a Central Government, one that would end the sovereignty of individual states rights, and allow the Federal Government to control all states however they wished to, kinda like slavery, or a dictatorship in many way’s.

In addition to the Central Government idea, their was also an enormous monetary issue, IF THE SOUTHERN STATES LEFT THE UNION, THIS WOULD MEN A LARGE FINANCIAL LOSS TO NORTHERN BUSINESSMEN, they had factories dependent on Southern Cotton, and other things, plus revenue from tariffs from the Southern ports, and they urged Lincoln to act militarily to stop this from happening. They, Lincoln and his friends thought it would take a few months, 3 or 4 to end this militarily, but wrong they were. After 4 long years, 650,000 dead and wounded men, women and children, tens of thousand horses and other animals, tens of thousands of homes, stores, schools, warehouses, ships, wagons, bridges and miles of railroads, it came to an end in April 1865. Not what Lincoln had planned.

Today, far too many Americans do not know these things, and will not accept them, and will not bother to see for them selves by spending time in books, to get the facts, rather than to accept Hollywood’s version, or some other left wing liberal liar’s version. So, by accepting the lie. they accept the incorrect opinion on the Confederate flag, and oppose it outright, to these brainwashed people, the flag represents slavery, along with any Confederate monument, statute, event, or person who sides with the South on the facts of the war. So, we have two equally normal similar aged adults with similar IQ’s, one a Southerner, a person who had studied the facts of the war and the issues, before, during and the immediate 30 years after the war, or to put it simply, to have studied events and historical facts from about 1820  until 1900.

The other person, a Democrat, Political Correct supporter, liberal, and then we start at that point on the Confederate flag, the causes for the war, who did what, and why and the results, and it will be night and day differences in the explanations and opinions given from these two people as they discuss and argue about one single war in America. The left will never accept the truth, no matter if God stood before them and explained it to them, they have a mind set and that is that.

So what do we do. We are doing it, we who know the facts continue telling the truth, we stand our ground. we elect conservative candidates to all offices, locally, state and Federal, from dog catcher, to Judges, sheriffs, District Attorney, senator, delegate, governors, presidents, we must avoid Liberals, we must avoid socialists, communists, homosexuals, left wing liars, and non Christian candidates. We must work, send money to all good people who are willing to serve us, and we must support them after they are elected, We must stand for law and order, border security, preserve our American Culture from erosion by having to many anti American immigrants allowed in our nation to undermine it. We can do all these things, and we must do all these things at a very minimum, if we desire a safe decent place for OUR CHILDREN AND ALL COMING CHILDREN TO THIS NATION WE LOVE.