Now is the best time we have had in a very long time to show your support and love for our Southern Heritage. Go out and purchase an aluminum pipe, 1-1/2″ or whatever you decide is best, 25-30 ft tall, and fly a 4′ X 6′ or similar Confederate flag on your property ( STAY CLEAR OF OVERHEAD POWER LINES) But if you do this, do it properly with respect for the flag. If you will fly it at night, rig up an appropriate light. Plan on replacing the flag within 4-5 months or when it becomes torn or faded. We must demonstrate what we feel and believe.
If you can, I think it is proper to also fly an American flag. The American flag should be at the top, with the Confederate flag beneath it. If you use two flag poles, the American flag should be a bit taller than the Confederate flag, this is being respectful in honoring both America and your Southern history and ancestors.

This should be done by all who blog, Facebook, Tweet and state a love of America and a love of your Southern ancestors who also were Americans. Complaining, bitching and moaning, will not accomplish much, but action goes far. If your City or town has flagger’s who walk peacefully in front of buildings or places where the left wing low life’s have removed our Confederate flags, or Southern statutes due to their ignorance and or evil agenda, then volunteer to walk with others and your Confederate flag. I suggest you acquire a piece of 1/2″ or 3/4″ PVC pipe about 6 to 8 ft. long, and a 3’X5′ Nylon Confederate flag, as this is light weight and fly’s well with little wind. Drill holes in PVC and use wire ties to secure the flag to the pipe. Great for walking in protests. Do this peacefully with your fellow flagger’s to show your love, and your resolve to support and honor your ancestors memory. At home, use a polyester flag, it will last longer than Nylon by far outdoors. If you know your history about the causes and facts of the Lincoln War To Stop Southern Independence, great, if not earn your history, as you need to answer the critics accurately as you fly our flag. It is the very least you can do and it makes a statement. But again, do it peacefully, and walk with others for your safety, not alone.
God bless.