Well, I am very happy and delighted that America dodged a likely fatal bullet when Hillary Clinton was defeated in November. God intervened, and I SAY THANK YOU GOD FOR SAVING AMERICA, AGAIN.

Now, rather than go over the many wonderful things our dedicated President
is busy accomplishing for us, a strong cabinet, and then their efforts to strengthen America in all areas. Our nation has for more than 8 years slid downward to more crime, more drug use, less law enforcement as the Pot Smoker we had in the white house and his family were all partakers in this it seems, so little law enforcement for illegal drugs, BUT THIS IS CHANGING.

Yes, we will see a stronger more effective military, a strong conservative Supreme Court, Department of Homeland Security who will be enforcing our border security, and on and on these improvements will go, THANK GOD.

Now, I believe in State’s Right’s, yes it can be confusing to those of you who think 50 states as one, when the fact is, we have 50 state Governments, all with a Governor, a state legislative body, National Guard and state and local police, all designed and intended to provide all state law enforcement domestically, and only the use of Federal agents when Federal law is compromised and abused.

I support President Trump, but just like you, we do not support every action or statement or choice of our family or our president 100% of the time. That is not to suggest a march, or rioting, or civil disobedience.

It simply mean’s that I am blogging my concerns, and here is my take.

Chicago, is located in the state of Illinois, a liberal state and a state with many left wing liberal leaders who oppose what is decent and good. You folks have a Governor, Bruce Rauner, have you seen him on national TV. with his National Guard Commander and State Police Commander at the command center in Chicago, as they go block by block looking for illegal gun’s, drugs, drug users and sellers, criminal’s, invoking a hotline for turning in gang members, and crime, it is something to see in action, wow.

NO THAT WAS ALL PHONY, AS THIS WEAK GOVERNOR DOES NOT HAVE THE BACKBONE FOR SUCH ACTION, I DO NOT KNOW WHERE ALL THE CITIZENS OF ILLINOIS HAVE GONE OFF TOO, AS THEY SAY LITTLE, AND SEEM TO BE HAPPY AS THE HELLHOLE OF AMERICA.  Remember, Obama, Jeremiah Wright, Rhom Emanuel and many other low life liar liberal creeps come from the rat hole. They are happy with the crime, as long as it stay’s in the black areas of Chicago, all is good. Is this the fault of the Governor, or the State Legislature, or the Mayor of Chicago and the crime bosses there, I don’t know, but if they are happy with things there, I am happy for them, BUT, DO NOT SEND FEDERAL MARSHALL’S, F.B.I. OR OTHERS THERE TO FIX WHAT IS A STATE/LOCAL PROBLEM, THE LEADERSHIP IN ILLINOIS AND CHICAGO, HAVE THE, FUND’S, AND THE PEOPLE TO DO WHATEVER IS NEEDED TO FIX THIS,  IT IF THEY CHOOSE TO. HAVE ANOTHER GREAT WEEKEND CHICAGO, THE GOVERNOR IS PROBABLY AT ONE OF HIS RANCHES IN WYOMING OR UTAH or wherever. This is SHAMEFUL, AND AMERICA DESERVES BETTER CITIZENS WHO WILL ELECT BETTER LEADERS, EVEN IN ILLINOIS.