As a Southerner who loves America, one who voluntarily and proudly served in her military, a follower of God, a man who loves his family and his ancestors and a man who opposes the left wing Liberals and the Political correctness pushers, I also love my Confederate ancestors.

Those like me, are tired, past tired of the attacks on the truth about the War for Southern Independence. We are tired of the Liberal left wing nut jobs who make noise about our past and do so with lies, and myths. Then in addition to attacking the South, they use lies, not historical fact, and as they have their loud, obnoxious, greedy, pushy, nasty, Yankee ancestors whom they are embarrassed about. They are embarrassed for their rotten, barbaric behavior during the war, these barbarians who burned down the homes of many families with women and little children being turned out into the cold with no food and shelter, as they raped women, and looted personal valuables all under the consent of their rotten officers, and many times killed civilians. Yes, the Liberal today hates this fact, and does all they can to distort it by trying to blame the Confederate soldier and their honorable leaders.

Today the Left Wing Liberals want to focus on the attacks of Confederate flags, and the names of streets, roads, parks, buildings and statutes to brave honorable Southern leaders. This is their attempt to erase history, only allowing the dishonest liberal lies to exists. BUT IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN, WE SOUTHERNERS WILL FLY MORE AND MORE CONFEDERATE BATTLE FLAGS, AND RAISE MORE STATUTES, AND RESIST ALL YOUR HOMO ATTACKS ON THE TRUTH. YOU PEOPLE WHO SUPPORT THE ATTACKS ON AMERICAN HISTORY AND THE SOUTH, ARE MISCREANTS, ROTTEN LOW LIFE RASCALS JUST LIKE THE YANKEE SOLDIER, YOUR ROTTEN NASTY ANCESTORS.

LIARS,  AND BARBARIANS, WAR CRIMINALS, AND WORSE. We will today support many new large Confederate flag installations on major Highways and at other locations as well as on our homes, and property, to display our love and affection of our good and decent ancestors.

I ask every Supporter of the truth, to go online, buy a Confederate battle flag and get a pole, 20′ or higher, and proudly fly the flag of our ancestors who wanted to be independent of the Yankee hordes, the slobs, the nasty godless people who invaded and killed and maimed more than 600, 000 American people, needlessly, and today still lie about it all. Yes fly the Confederate battle flag, also go online and contribute money to the Virginia Flaggers so more and more 80′ flagpoles can be erected with large 20′ X 30′ flags. You can help us all, but fly your own flag and be proud, this will do more than anything to demonstrate love for your ancestors, and be civil and kind, not violent or nasty like the yankee, this is the way to show respect and honor for the truth, and to demonstrate love of the Confederate man and woman.