Brooks Simpson, as he has done for years, writes all sorts of blogs, a book, and otherwise  adds trash to the world. This man who has rambled around from pillar to post, cannot find happiness in the truth about the South, Southern people, and the unjust war designed solely to stop Southern Independence, Independence from his ancestors, Northern miscreants, thieves, liars, and a power hungry Abraham Lincoln, who wanted more than anything to achieve an all powerful central government, and to end the lawful states rights of the South. Yes, Brooks has tried, he attempted to write about Lincoln in a good light, just as others have portrayed the greatness of Adolph Hitler. You see, Hitler learned from Lincoln, not the other way around. Lincoln was not a man of peace, but an opportunist who wanted power. He disliked black people, DID YOU ALL GET THIS, ABRAHAM LINCOLN DID NOT LIKE BLACK PEOPLE, HE WANTED THEM REMOVED FROM THE UNITED STATES IF HE COULD FIND A MEANS TO DO SO, THIS IS THE REAL ABRAHAM LINCOLN. Now after witnessing  the awful history of the majority of blacks in America, seeing how little the majority of them have progressed in society and have demonstrated little sign of ambition, or interest in progress, civility, and an appreciation of law and order, i can understand why Lincoln wanted them gone. Simpson you may write this as how I see the majority, Majority, of not only America’s blacks, but of the world’s blacks, as this apparent genetic trait has been so demonstrated since records have existed, so Lincoln was right in his desire to have them gone, and I am sure you do too.

In addition to the manner of most blacks, again, not all blacks, we also have in America the Liberal, left leaning, liars, the  miscreants, the Marxist’s and political correct supporters of Socialism, and all other anti Christian and evil views and ideas that are directly in opposition to God and what is good and right. Simpson, Andy Hall, and a whole group of mostly Northern born miscreants whom are so poisoned with the knowledge of what the North did in their animal like, greedy overbearing desire for power and riches as they invaded the South in 1861. They cannot defend what these barbarian ancestors of theirs did, or how they too did hated blacks, but just a Hillary and the Democratic party in America today, they too, do not like blacks, but act as if they do so as to keep the blacks voting for democrats, and thereby allowing them (democrats) to stay in power. But again, deep down, Simpson, his followers and kin folks,  are poisoned genetically, and today are ashamed of their Northern ancestors actions and ways, and want to erase this by spreading lies about the South and the Southern people of the past and the present.

The BIG LIE IS THAT DEMOCRATS, INCLUDING HILLARY AND THE LIBERAL LIARS DO NOT LIKE BLACKS, THEY SIMPLY USE BLACKS FOR THEIR OWN POWER, AND ANOTHER FACT IS THAT PEOPLE LIKE YOU, BROOKS SIMPSON, ATTACK OTHERS IN THE SOUTH WITH YOUR HATRED, IS BECAUSE WE, ANCESTORS OF GOOD AND HONORABLE SOUTHERN PEOPLE, DEMONSTRATE THE TRUTH ABOUT LINCOLN, THE TRUTH ABOUT THE UNLAWFUL, BARBARIC, UNCIVIL, ACT’S THAT LINCOLN AND THE YANKEE ARMY AND YOUR PEOPLE, THOSE  WHO INVADED THE SOUTH, THOSE WHO BURNED THE HOMES OF CIVILIAN NON COM-COMBATANT’S, THOSE WHO LOOTED THE PERSONAL VALUABLES FROM THE INNOCENT SOUTHERN PEOPLE, AND THE YANKEES WHO BURNED THEIR CROPS, BARNS, STABLES, WRECKED THEIR FARM EQUIPMENT, RAPED THEIR WOMEN, BURNED THEIR WAREHOUSES, MILLS, AND PLACES WHERE THEY OBTAINED FOOD TO EAT, YANKEE’S WHO SHELLED CITIES FILLED WITH WOMEN AND CHILDREN, AND KILLED MANY THOUSANDS OF NON COMBATANTS, AND WHO WERE THE CAUSE OF MORE THAN 600,000 DEATHS AND INJURIES, AND THEN AND NOW USE SLAVERY AS A COVER-UP REASON FOR WHAT THEY DID TO THE SOUTH AND TO THE SOUTHERN PEOPLE, WHICH WE ALL KNOW THAT THIS IS A LIE, JUST AN EXCUSE FOR LINCOLN AND YANKEES TODAY. SO, BROOKS SIMPSON, ANDY ” and all the little follower ” HALL, and the other  morons whom I will not waste the effort to name, as they are ZERO’S in every respect, all follow Brooks Simpson, as he is the man in their eyes. The author of BULLSHIT, the point of attack on the Virginia Flagger’s, whom I SUPPORT 100%. SIMPSON, AND ALL THESE LEFT WING PUSSY’S SAID WE WOULD NOT SUCCEED IN GETTING CONFEDERATE FLAGS RAISED, WELL DICKHEADS, MANY ARE FLYING AND MORE FLAGS ARE BEING PREPARED TO GO UP, SO YOU AND ALL OF AMERICA WILL SEE THEM. Yes, Simpson and his moron followers hate having the spotlight of truth concerning the facts, the reasons and the causes for The War For Southern Independence told. Imagine  a group of American states, who got so unhappy with the Federal government’s dishonest, illegal  actions toward them, that they desired to stop being a part of it. That was what happened, as the corrupt Northern leaders, the greedy businessmen and politicians, were stealing from the Southern states, and treating them unlawfully as they taxed, and stole from them. So in making this new nation separate from the YANKEE MISCREANT DEVIL’S, they were attacked and killed, robbed, raped, and harmed in every manner.

So here in 2016, as the great grandsons of the yankee animals, continue the same greedy dishonest practice as their ancestors once did, to lie, to attack the South and Southern groups and individuals in a new manner, to support the actions of some who deface Southern leaders and monuments, to lie about our Southern people and the facts about the war Lincoln led against the South, and now these grandsons of Northern Pissant thieves, arsonist’s, robbers, rapist’s and murderer’s want to try to make their actions seem just, but in all of the world and for all times past, and future, this can never be accomplished, as it is what it was,  an EVIL ACT, BY EVIL PEOPLE, BEGINNING WITH ABRAHAM LINCOLN WHO IS TODAY ALONG WITH ADOLPH HITLER AND OTHERS IN A BURNING HELL WHERE HE AND ALL LIKE THEM WILL APPROPRIATELY END UP.