All adult Americans, and most adults over 40 the world over, know the crooked scandals and corrupt illegal activities of Hillary and Bill Clinton, that remain un-prosecuted. Hillary as you recall tried unsuccessfully to defeat Obama in 2008, and was desperate to win the office, but she eventually lucked out by having a fellow Democrat (OBAMA), get elected, and to have had a Democratic Majority in the Congress. So she and Bill received (8) safe years from any real harm from Lady Justice. Now 2016 is here, and once again she must win the office if she is to keep her Democratic department of Justice and F.B.I. in control of things, as long as she does, she and Bill will escape justice. THIS IS A SHAMEFUL THING.

We have a nation of law, a judicial system that is supposed to be blind to man or woman, black or white, rich or poor, but when it comes to democrats, they protect their kingdom, and Hillary knows that if Trump wins, her fat old butt may spend some time in prison. Yes, she runs for self preservation more than any other reason, oh of course she loves power, but her freedom is more important to her than power, and she is scared to death as to any likelihood of loosing this election, and will likely do most anything it requires.

I do pray for Trumps safety, I pray that the Secret Service is above any democratic scheme, to leave an opening here, a door unprotected there or similar small but life endangering opportunities that the senior members of the Secret Service have control over. Today, people are easily purchased, promotions are to die for, and when offered with other incentives they can be obtained. Let’s all pray for Mr. Trump’s safety, and Let’s all pray that he will win in November, and a prosecution takes place next January-February of Hillary and Bill Clinton, and all their associates who have for years assisted them in criminal actions.

We very well may get to see this, I am hopeful that justice will prevail, and grandmother and grandfather Clinton will be placed in handcuffs, humiliated, and sent to prison for many years. If I had a bucket list, this would be #1 on that list, to see this happen, and to have a joyful day with the Clinton’s in a prison cell.

Please get out the vote for Donald Trump and Mike Pence, we so need these men to turn America around, and bring law and order to the White House and to every other house in America.