So, what is your answer, how could any decent American citizen, who cares about what is right, who cares about our laws and honesty, would support a lawbreaker, a LIAR, a dishonest crooked person such as Hillary Clinton, and help them continue to cheat our system, to abuse her powers in every position she has ever had, then you obviously you do not give a damn about what is right and decent.

Hillary has time and time again lied and violated U.S. LAW and has escaped charges because of her friends in government from the President to the Attorney General and F.B.I. Director of the United States Government. E mails continue to be revealed only because of legal efforts have more e mails been revealed for the American public to see, and they show exactly what she has been accused of, selling favors to various business leaders and foreigners to get bribe money donated to the Clinton Foundation. A foundation that then feed’s it back to Bill and Hillary for their personal use. But even if the money stayed in the foundation and was used to go to sick or crippled children, handicapped families of veterans, or whatever, it is and was illegal and wrong. READ THIS AGAIN, T WAS ILLEGAL, IT WAS WRONG.

Hillary Clinton is a thief, a Liar, a corrupt deceiving evil woman, so when will those of you who care about doing what is just, doing what is decent, how could you support this kind of person.

She and Bill have violated state laws, federal laws, all their lives, they have both cheated in their personal; lives as well as professional lives. BILL CLINTON HAD HIS LAW LICENSE TAKEN AWAY, HE IS A RAPIST, AND HAS ASSAULTED NUMEROUS WOMEN, DO YOU NOT KNOW THIS, IF YOU DON’T YOU MUST BE FROM MAR’S.

Hillary has stood up for all his evil behavior, is that what a decent person does, to assist a criminal in his illegal felonious attacks on women.

She has done and continues to do all she can to lie, cheat and steal from all those who wish to get information, business opportunities, and illegal advantages by a back door through our government that she made available for a fee, a fee of multi millions of dollars, all illegal, all protected from prying eyes with her private e mail server. It was not done for convenience, it was done to cover her deceptive dishonest, illegal bribery business. SHE IS A THIEF, A LIAR, A CROOK, AND A CANDIDATE TO BECOME THE PRESIDENT SO THAT SHE CAN DO EVEN BIGGER GREATER ILLEGAL ACTS.

Friends, and non friends, you owe it to your children, your grandchildren, your family and friends to America and to yourself, the duty to use your vote for good, not to further evil. Please do not vote for Hillary Clinton, find a candidate that is best for America, it is your duty to do this. Stop following the crowd who makes the most noise, use your heart, and ask God to guide you in this decision.