In Charlottesville, Va. the City Council is now run by mostly LIBERAL COME HERES, men and women such as the Liberal mayor Mike Signer, Liberal Vice Mayor Bellamy, Liberal Council member Kristen Szakos, and political unknown members Kathy Galvin, and Bob Fenwick. The mayor, vice mayor and Szakos want to stir up trouble as Liberals do. They want the Robert E. Lee statutes removed and placed somewhere else. You see, Liberals want to erase history where ever  it cast the lights of good onto their evil history. They would burn all previous historical books, records, files and remove all traces of historical facts if they could do so, much like HITLER did to the Jews, and today the Islamic radicals are destroying many monuments and buildings across the Middle East that have opposing religious doctrine, this is the way of evil. If they dislike you, not only do they wish to remove you, but all physical remnants to your past, statutes, memorials, flags, symbols, place names, city names, ect.

Yes Mayor Signer is a Democrat, a supporter of left wing democrats, Tim Kaine, Mark Warner, Creigh Deeds, and Terry Mcualliffe as well as adulterer, liar,  John Edwards in a previous political race for president. He knows how to pick left wing rotten friends and likewise rotten left wing ideas. Bellamy, a Black man from Georgia, again couple them with Kristen Szakos and others, and those of us Virginia citizens who love Robert E. Lee a great American, a super honorable decent kind human being, we are their targets. Like cheese to a Rat, Southern heroes, President Jefferson F. Davis, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, are all the enemy of the Liberal and the ignorant black. Intelligent blacks are able to see that the statutes of Martin Luther King, Abraham Lincoln, Medgar Evers, Shirley Chisholm, Booker T. Washington, U.S. Grant, Sherman, Custer, Sheridan, and SO MANY MORE WILL BE IN THE CROSSHAIRS IF THEY TOUCH THE LEE STATUTE IN CHARLOTTESVILLE OR ANYPLACE.

I ask all Americans Northerners and Southerners, to go online and contact the City Council of Charlottesville, Va. and join the 89% OF CANVASSED CITIZENS THAT WERE ASKED BY THE ABC tv affiliate station about this issue, and they oppose removing this statute or any other legally erected statute or monument. We must expect that our statutes and memorials, flags, be left alone in the North, South, East And West. Leave the Yankee statutes alone, Leave the Confederate statutes alone, leave the civil rights leaders statutes alone, leave all Legally erected statutes, monuments, cemeteries, symbols, flags and history alone.

We must allow for tolerance, I do not like what evil people have done in the past, but I do not ever wish to see Lincolns statute or memorials disturbed, the same for Martin Luther King, and adulterer, phony womanizing wine drinking man, but his statute is not to be disturbed, AS LONG AS MY HEROES STATUTES ARE GIVEN THE SAME RESPECT, BUT IF NOT, I WILL SUPPORT THE REMOVAL OF THEIR STATUTES AND MONUMENTS, GRAVE SITES, HOUSES, AND ALL OTHER SACRED PLACES, SO PLEASE, LET US BE PEACEFUL IN THIS, LEAVE THE GENERAL ROBERT E. LEE STATUTE AND ALL OTHER SOUTHERN OR OTHER REGIONS REGARDLESS OF WHO OR WHERE IF THEY WERE LEGALLY ERECTED, LEAVE THEM ALONE.

LEAVE THE GENERAL ROBERT E. LEE statute in Charlottesville, Va. alone. Go online and demand that the City Council take no action to remove this statute or any statute legally erected.

  1. Mayor Mike Signer  email              
  2. Vice Mayor Bellamy email              
  3. Councilwoman Kristen Szakos      
  4. Councilwoman Kathy Galvin          
  5. Councilman Bob Fenwick