Friends, I am simply a American citizen who loves God, who loves Traditional God Fearing America before PC and Obama and Clinton. I like most of you love the founding fathers of this nation, a nation created on liberty and freedom at it’s core, bought and paid for with blood and the tool primarily responsible was a firearm that was used for good not evil. Obama opposes this.

Today, LEFT WING LIAR AND LIBERAL BARRACK OBAMA, the worse president ever to hold that office has nearly destroyed our nation. He has nearly bankrupted the U.S. and while you read this one word ” bankrupt” you need to understand that this will be affecting YOU DIRECTLY, IT IS NOT SIMPLY A WORD, YOU WILL SUFFER ECONOMICALLY FOR THIS LIBERAL BASTARDS INEPTNESS AND HIS CORRUPTION AND HIS LIES AND ROTTEN ACTIONS.

  • His Obama Care is a Policy of LIES.
  • His refusal to protect and secure the border is a scheme to allow the entry of Hispanics, dependent on Welfare, Medical care, Food, Education benefits and Obama knows this means more new Democratic votes.
  • Obama wants to harm Americans 2nd. amendment rights that were provided and given to us by the great men who founded America, he the rotten low life wants to take these rights away, step by step.
  • Obama has trashed our economy.
  • Obama has trashed and weakened our military.
  • Obama has destroyed American credibility across the world.
  • Obama has made a joke of our Executive branch of government by repeatedly violating the U.S. Constitution in his many illegal executive tyrannical orders.
  • Obama is so fond of Islam and Muslims he cannot call the terrorists, terrorists.
  • Obama has lied to the American citizens every day from the start of his campaign for office right up to this very moment in time.

Obama is a Liberal, Liberals are Liars by nature, non christian beings who do not believe in the existence of Almighty GOD the truth of the bible and his teachings for us to live by.

I copied some quotes and comments this morning. Obama, Hillary, Sanders, Democrats, Liberals, Socialists, Marxists, Communists are ALL BAD PEOPLE AND FAILED ANTI GOD PLANS, NEVER VOTE FOR ANYONE ASSOCIATED WITH THESE EVIL PEOPLE.

Dow plunges, posts worst start since 2008

Liberalism DOA

More illegal l executive action. Shocker.

Whats he gonna do about the illegals that sell guns they bring in from Mexico?

Well liberals?What?


ObamaCare will be good for America.

You can keep your family doctor

liberal facts are the amount you repeat it

How is it that you need a background check to own a gun, but NOT TO RUN A COUNTRY?
Reeves DeCuir
democrats can do for America what they’ve done for every major city in America.

(You’ve been warned.)


Gun control, like planned parenthood, is simply liberal code for black control