I am no authority on Liberals, I am no authority on any subject other than possible myself. Having said this, I will say, I think I know a few things about the creeps in America known as Liberals. I will list but 10 things Liberals seem to HATE, this list could be expanded to 10,000,000, but 10 is ample for my point.

1) liberals hate God, liberals hate morality, they support homosexuality, same sex marriage, abortion and freedom to use drugs as they wish.
2) liberals hate the U.S. Constitution.
3) liberals hate American Exceptionalism.
4) liberals hate justice (and have an extremely distorted view of it).
5) liberals hate human progress and advancement.
6) liberals hate personal achievement, and love Unions that protect the slackers.
7) liberals hate truth.
8) liberals hate themselves.
9) Liberals hate the U.S. Military.
10) They hate the traditional family structure, and want it eliminated as it exists today.