Have you noticed today when you go into a shopping mall or shopping center parking lot, most of the Handicapped parking places are filled.
Also, if you happen to be a legitimate retired person, meaning someone who got up very early each morning and went to a job and worked all day 5 or 6 days a week, and did this for 30 to 50 years, and you go into most Social Security offices here is the typical picture.

The SSA staff is mostly black or Hispanic, very few whites. The waiting room is also filled with 25 to 50 year old fat, lazy blacks and Hispanics, 95% are there to apply or adjust their DISABILITY CLAIMS. Yes, we today in America are reaching the point of more sit on their ass and collect benefit citizens than worker bee citizens. You see, those born in the 40’s and 50’s have WORK ETHIC, PRINCIPALS, SOME DECENT UPBRINGING, but this is being erased every hour of every day. The blacks, Hispanics, druggies, lazies are gaming the system, every system including the U.S. Military. Hell today, 3 or 4 out of 10 soldiers who go overseas are later in a hospital complaining about PTSD, I mean, these are soldiers and airmen who never fired a shot in many cases nor relieved and fire. WHY. It is likely because of one or two reasons. They do not like work, the AC was not cool enough, the game rooms not adequate, and not enough recreation and they want to be paid and allowed to sit on their ass with a disability check, OR, probably 1 soldier out of 50 is likely to have a small chance of being a genuine in need of treatment case.

It is our culture, America went down this road heavily after the great mistakes of the Kennedy’s and LBJ and his great society, in the misguided idea that giving people money will motivate them, IT WILL NOT. The homeless increase when money is given them in food stamps, welfare, and all the rest. This increase has been continuing, and as it has so has the number of unwed mothers, parent-less children, uneducated citizenry, criminal activity rises as the kids get into gangs and help the drug industry function in all major cities. Then as corporate America cannot get anywhere near adequate numbers of educated workers, they find alternatives, automation, and moving factories where labor is in better supply, cheaper, and government taxes lower. This then reverberates back to harm Americas economy, then Obama and the Liberals send out more money to further worsen all the noted problems. This is the deadly Liberal cycle.

It is not complicated as many left wing nut jobs comment about, and rant and rave about Europe or Norway and Sweden, blah, blah, blah, as their is no comparison to these places and the issues of America.


Only GOD knows, my hope is that America will wake up and vote in honest, decent, competent, conservative men and women if they exists, but do I think this will happen. No I think we will continue to fall, that sooner of later our government will become a chaotic corrupt place and we will be attacked by a foreign nation during our internal calamity. We have lost christian citizens in such numbers with the evil immigration scheme of the Liberals, that decency is outnumbered by criminal, low life’s and evil people who are manipulating the votes to do more harm, and more harm after that. So, I will likely skate on through, I expect the correction must happen before we go another 10 years, and after this, if it has continued downward, it will descend much more rapidly and disaster will befall this nation before 2036.