I like most of the approximately Seventy Million citizens that are descendants of Confederate soldiers, sailors, and government and civilian leaders of what was the Confederate States of America government in 1861 through 1865stand in support of all the activity to construct and raise new Confederate flags across the South.

This effort is a direct result of the constant attacks on our heritage sites, the confederate flag, the names of Confederate leaders, school names, park names, street names, monuments, statutes, and other long before established sites that are dedicated to honor and remember our ancestors, and to honor what bravery and perseverance they exhibited when the Federal government under Abraham Lincoln willfully and forcefully mounted a armed attack, a war, against our ancestors and the Southern people in 1861. So today, we see the Left wing Liberal democrats, the very same people with different names, but with the same evil rotten dark agenda to destroy what is pro God, and pro family and pro decency that was always represented in the Southern culture in America. The years leading up to 1861 were years where the Northern region of America had plenty of arrogant, spiteful, evil, loud, greedy anti God citizens, who loved money, and despised honest civilized genteel people. People who worked hard for honest lives, people who loved their family and had humor and who had compassion for their neighbors, people who loved God, and wanted to be left alone. Yes the Southern states had slaves, just as the Northern states had previously had slaves, but not do to any sense of morality or goodness did they rid them selves of slaves, but do the almighty dollar. As Northern states possessed many factories, factories that used the Cotton grown in the South, the tobacco, the corn, the rice, the sugar cane and other agricultural products they converted into clothing, bedding, canvas, tents, sails, shoes, belts, saddles, bridles, and thousands of bother products.

These factories eventually incorporated water wheels along the rivers and other sources of motive power that reduced the need for labor in the factory. They begin the hiring of day labor, they need not provide the laborer a home, food, clothing for the worker, nor any assistance to his family, which the Southern landowner farmer did. The Farmer had no water wheel or such motive power to plow his fields, to plant the cotton, to harvest the crops, to separate the wheat and grains, or  such, labor was required and lots of it, so they needed to retain their slaves unlike the North. I am not in favor of slavery, but I was not alive in 1860 and neither were you, we today do not live by the standards thees people were born under , times that slavery was a norm for 4000 years and not a new thing. But most of  the Northerners were jerks then as they are jerks today. They are loud, nasty people, and the Liberals of that time are today’s Obama, Elizabeth Warren, Hilliary Clinton,  Debbie Wassermann Shultz, and all the liberals too numerous to count that represent the Democratic party, the MARXISTS, SOCIALISTS, COMMUNISTS, and heathens in all such groups that push the anti God agendas of political correctness, the War Against Women, Abortion and the killing of human babies, the anti family policy of Godless Homosexuality, same sex marriage, Transvestite lifestyles, legalization of dangerous drugs and even more filthy plans and uncivilized lifestyles. Yes in the 1861 period we had the same Godless people, who persuaded

Lincoln that when the Southern people were being unfairly treated by the Federal government and a new president was elected for office who was destined to continue this business as usual, the people in the Southern states slowly decided to leave the Union and to form a separate government. The greedy Northern businessmen saw this as a terrific monetary loss to their business, where would they get the Cotton, the Tobacco, and all the many agricultural items needed from the one place that had them, Those same Southern states who wanted to divorce themselves from the nasty North. So these greedy bastards pushed, urged, Lincoln to forcefully stop the secession, and yes they all thought it would take a mere few months to accomplish. After all, the majority of all money and power rested in the North, they had the U.S. Army and the U.S. Navy, arsenals, arms, wagons, cannons, ships, factories, and manpower  to dwarf the Southern states. What they lacked were the brave and determined  men and women who had honor and skill and determination to fight back when attacked. You all who know any history of that period know that one Southern soldier was more effective than 7 or 8 Yankee soldiers, in worthiness as a fighter. This was later demonstrated by Grants refusal to exchange prisoners of war, he knew he lost every time he gave a Confederate back, finally the South in many instances even offered 4 Yankees back for 1 Confederate, this says it all. Yes the plan to resolve the secession in a few months took quite a longer time, and almost failed entirely at several stages. Of course the North with it’s numerical and financial and industrial might along with the importation of foreign fighters to put into their army ranks finally did the trick. Of course the burning down of non combatant s homes, farms, the stealing of livestock, food supplies, farm equipment destroyed to keep the Southerners from growing food and livestock foods, the destruction of warehouses, stores, towns and cities, the rapes of Southern women, the murder of Southern men women and children all; helped the Northern scandal in his barbaric uncivilized actions to win. And to win what, to keep the Souths multi Millions of Southern dollars to continue flowing North into the rich mans pockets.

So today in 2015 we have the ashamed, the embarrassed Yankee, who knows the truth about that war, but wants to change the history to say otherwise. These Liberals, who are on the side of evil , as each of their supported policies is opposed by most true Southern people today, other than the Carpet bagger Yankee miscreants who have pushed their way South to screw up our region as they have in their Yankee lands. They support Homosexuality and all that I noted above, and just this past week the Pope was here in America, and he referenced the value God places on HUMAN LIFE, ON THE MARRIAGE OF MAN AND WOMAN, ON DECENCY, ALL THOSE THINGS GOD IS FOR THE LIBERAL OPPOSES. THINK ABOUT THIS.

Yes, today I support raising as many new Confederate flags as possible, and to stand up against the Liberals who attack the South, our Confederate history, our symbols and GOD HIMSELF. We in the anti-Liberal, anti Homosexual, anti Gay marriage, anti liberalized drug use, anti Abortion and murder of human babies LOVE GOD AND ARE ON HIS SIDE, SO LOOK AT THIS PEOPLE, LOOK AT THE OPPOSITION AND SEE WHAT THEY ARE FOR, ALL THAT IS EVIL, ALL THAT WILL LEAD THEM TO HELL, AND WE WILL NEVER GO ALONG WITH THEM ON ANY OF THIS.

So friends of good, decent America, oppose these liars, these heathens, oppose Liberals, never vote for any candidate but a conservative who is honest and who is not a deceiver. Oppose Clinton, oppose Obama, oppose Elizabeth Warren, Oppose Bernie Sanders, and oppose Gay rights, oppose Abortion, oppose same sex marriage, oppose illegal drug use, oppose all who want Political correctness, oppose all whom want to erase our Confederate Symbols and flags and join in by raising your Confederate flag, and an American flag, Stand up for what is good, stop sitting in your chair and DOING ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, WRITE AN EDITORIAL IN YOUR TOWNS NEWSPAPER, MEN AND BOYS , JOIN THE SONS OF CONFEDERATE VETERANS, LEARN ABOUT YOU ANCESTORS, OPPOSE THE LIBERALS, THE DEMOCRATS, THE MARXISTS, THE HOMOSEXUALS, OPPOSE THEM AND DO NOT BE AFRAID.