I was going to write, who older than 20 does not know about this nation and slavery during the first 250 plus years of time from the Jamestown landings up until 1863.
But then I said to myself, most of them don’t, at least most of the citizens born after 1960, as they don’t care, have been poorly educated, and today’s teachers and schools are the worse or the worse in teaching honest factual American history. This also would include geography, math and other important subjects our younger citizens are so very inept in.

In any case, slavery is brought up by numerous anti Southern Liberals, Northerners, and others as the only reason for secession and the war. Would secession have occurred by the Southern states if the South, did not still have slaves when Lincoln won the 1860 election. NO ONE KNOWS. But what we do know is, in addition to having slaves, and having read and heard statements from Abraham Lincoln that he would not fight to end slavery, and he also said, he would not fight to keep slavery, they all knew, what every differences they had with the North, and their were many, they were not going away as Lincoln assumed the presidency in 1861. You see, the differences were many more than slavery.

The Northern people were greatly disliked by the Southern people, for many of the same reasons they dislike many of them today. They are Rude, Loud, nasty, obnoxious, pushy, overbearing, mostly pagan unfriendly and unchristian people. The U.S. Government had and still treated the Southern states with much contempt, unfair taxes, unfair tariffs, and Yankees were just were a different strain of Americans in 1861, and the real Yankee still is. Thank God that some dilution has improved many of them in the North, and the dilution of Yankees into the South has harmed us.

The bigger point is why secede from the U.S., why disconnect from the industrious North, a place of greed, haste, dirt, with far too many uncharitable citizens. Because of all that I have just stated, and in addition, a new president that was a ringer for continuing the business as usual for 4 more years. The South did not need anything the North had, or has, from Donald Trump to Barrack Obama and back to Lincoln, they are scum bags, although I am hoping Trump gets a bit of civility training soon, he at least see’s many problems Obama and his Liberals are causing America today, and PS:  I WISH THE HELL WE COULD SECEDE TODAY, THAT WOULD BE MY VOTE, GET OUT FROM UNDER THE INTERFERING FEDERAL GOVERNMENT. So the problems, or many of them still exist, and if a vote of SOUTHERNERS WERE TAKEN, REAL SOUTHERNERS, I SUSPECT IT WOULD BE TO SECEDE. Slavery was a issue, the Southern states needed it for some 30-40 more years until a better way to reduce physical labor came along, and the advent of the steam and later gasoline powered tractors would have done that, but not in 1861, no, to survive the agricultural industry required much labor,  field hands, and slavery was all they had or knew at that time. So in addition to all the many differences, slavery was one for sure, and for two reasons. One, the previous statement I just provided, and two. The audacity of a Northern region, where that had the two largest slave trading ports, New, York and Boston, and slaves in the Northern states until the Yankee business owner realized that instead of the feeding, clothing, and furnishing shelter for the slave labor, it would be cheaper to hire out help by the day, no food, no clothes no housing costs. So obviously this along with water driven shaft line powered factories, labor was no where as big of a need in the North as it was in the Fields of the South where all the cotton grew that was shipped up North to those factories, along with many other agricultural products.


So, the South seceded, now what should happen. I would have loved to say nothing, had Fort Sumter not occurred, would nothing have happened, OF COURSE IT WOULD HAVE. LINCOLN WOULD HAVE SENT TROOPS INTO EVERY SOUTHERN GOVERNORS MANSION AND ARRESTED AND LIKELY HUNG THE GOVERNORS AND STATE LEGISLATORS, THINK ABOUT, DOM YOU THINK HE WAS GOING TO NOT DO ANYTHING. The South knew this, they had an ARMY,  and were in place to defend their respective states. They of course wanted the U.S. Army and Navy to leave their state, so Fort Sumter was just the place it happened the way it did, it would have been some other Southern state or city if not for Fort Sumter, but it was going to likely become armed and dangerous, as LINCOLN WAS NOT GOING TO ALLOW THE SOUTH TO LEAVE, HE IS A DISHONORABLE MAN, A LIAR, A MAN WHO WAS CONTROLLED BY GREEDY NORTHERN POLITICIANS AND RICH BUSINESSMEN. THE BUSINESSMEN WERE GOING TO LOOSE MILLIONS, AND WOULD NOT ALLOW IT, AND THEY HAD LINCOLN DO WHAT HE DID, MAKE WAR AGAINST THE SOUTHERN STATES.

He mistakenly thought it would only take a few months, and all would be well. Not 4 years, not 600,000 American lives, not the destruction of tens of thousands of homes, farms, buildings, bridges, railroads, towns and cities, and much more. This man was like an arsonist, just one match, and an out of control blaze consumes much, Lincoln is responsible for this, and American youth need to know, and the Yankee miscreant does know but refuses to accept these facts, it so embarrasses and ashamed them, it denotes what their ancestors were like, rotten, Yankees.

The best mending that could happen to move this behind us is to admit it, to accept it, and to stop attacking the Confederate Battle flag, the symbols of the Confederate states, as we will grow in defiance, and in defense of the truth, more Confederate battle flags are rising, and more yet to come to remind us as we travel, who we are, what was done to us and by whom. GOD BLESS AMERICA AND ALL OUR CSA ANCESTORS.