The anti Confederate Flag advocates in the leadership and on the boards that run and oversee the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts are part and parcel of the very same Liberal people and the positions and actions of those who support Planned Parenthood, Same Sex Marriage, Homosexuality, and in the case of Gay Marriage and Planned Parenthood, uncivilized and even Barbaric actions.

Yes you say, what has that got to do with the Confederate Flag, well, glad you asked. You see, Liberals are nasty corrupt people, while they may drive Mercedes, Lexus and other nice luxury foreign vehicles, and live in nice homes, have money, and be on boards of Museums and such, the facts are, most of them are Democrats. They give money and support to the Democratic party, the party of liars and cheats, the party of Barney Frank, Barrack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Debbie Wesserman Schultz, Elizabeth Warren and others, and the party that defeated the defunding of taxpayer support for Planned Parenthood this week in the U.S. SENATE. Our two rotten U.S. Senators, Mark Warner and Tim Kaine, the man who claims to be a big Catholic, he is against the death penalty, but supports the death penalty of millions of innocent babies every year who are yanked and sucked out of women like garbage, and treated with the utmost disrespect and then sold as rusty auto parts in a junk yard. This rotten man along with Warner will vote for any evil, low life scheme the evil Democrats come up with. For Warner and Kaine to vote against the defunding of Planned Parenthood shows us all once again what and who they really are, and what the Democratic party is. You see, Democrats are Liberals and socialist and they are evil. They go against God and decency, they lie, they are corrupt by nature and are destroying our nation.

Here in Richmond as it is across the South, Liberals attack the Confederate Flag and support the symbols of Planned Parenthood and many abortion clinics doing their dirty evil murder of human babies. How many abortions were done under the Confederate Battle Flag, and which one of the symbols represents honorable decent good people, I will tell you, Robert E. Lee would never support baby murder, Thomas J. Jackson would never sell baby parts, and Jefferson Davis would not lie and cheat, over and over as Barrack Obama and Hillary Clinton do daily. But the leadership at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts send money and give support to the Liberals who do, and then as the Political correct elements of Liberalism moves along on it’s snake like belly, they act, they have the Confederate Battle Flags removed from the Confederate Memorial Chapel, a building built for Confederates by Confederate supporters and originally on the very land of the Old Confederate Soldiers Home. Of all the things for these upper class people could have done for good, they attack the very people who defended Virginia against an Invading Army, an army sent by the low life president Abraham Lincoln, the man who caused 600,000 deaths of American citizens, the man who allowed the burning of civilians houses putting families out into the cold without shelter, the thefts of personal property, the rapes of Southern women, and the killing and murder of many Southern non-combatants, this is who Abraham Lincoln was. Today, Lincoln would no doubt be in support of the Liberal Democratic party and planned parenthood if he were alive. Yes the majority of the leaders of this Liberal Museum have the same blood on their hands as the actual doctors who kill the babies, and every penny, dollar they contribute is more guilt for them to explain to God, as they will be meeting him,. and when this happens, they will recall all of their actions, including the attacks on our Virginia Heritage, it is not to late to repent, put those flags back on the chapel, stop supporting the Democratic Party who supports Planned Parenthood and other abortion actions, and Mark Warner and Tim Kaine, buy yourselves some asbestos underwear as you will need them in Hell where you and the others who continue to go against God and Christianity.