Yes, All of the above mentioned corrupt liar scum bags should be in jail, and along with them should be the Loretta Lynch and the FBI Director unless they began a criminal investigation and prosecution where Federal law has been broken. WILL THIS HAPPEN, NOT LIKELY.

Obama is a RACIST liar, a cheat, a corrupt man, do we really think that this evil Liberal Democrat will sick Loretta Lynch and the FBI on a fellow Liberal, I think it is very unlikely. These corrupt, dishonest miscreants stick together like black snakes, slither along on their belly’s doing their evil work.

If you or I have a IRS issue, they show no mercy, they will arrest you for lying to them, or for destroying records, or withholding information they request, and require you to do it by a deadline or else. But when the Liberal’s took over, the rules change, laws can now be ignored by the anti white, anti Conservative, anti Republican, anti Christian Obama administration, the man whom said he would have an open transparent administration, not spend the nations wealth like George Bush did, and keep lobbyist out of the white house, ALL OF THOSE THINGS AND MUCH MORE WERE LIES.

We today live with the most corrupt, incompetent, rotten president and government that has ever existed in America’s 239 years. They are creating anarchy, failing to uphold the laws, and violating many laws themselves.They refuse to do their sworn duty in many cases, this is illegal and wrong.

Friends, pl;ease pray that we will get a change soon, pray for Gods blessings as we as a nation are loosing Gods protection, if this does not change, do expect some serious consequences, not only by the governments actions, but watch the weather, expect some serious events, unless we as Americans get on our knees and pray for a turn around in this nation, from lies, corruption, and all the many rotten things we are doing against Gods wishes, especially abortion, homosexuality, and all sorts of perversion. If this does not end, then know that you have been advised, so don’t be surprised when it happens.