I have been for many years presenting facts and evidence about the terrible acts of the Lincoln administration when he invaded the 11 Confederate states in 1861 to stop secession and their desire for Independence from the Union.

I cannot list all the many books, articles, blogs, movies, documentaries, and all the dishonest actions against Southern historical leaders, Confederate military leaders, monuments, holidays, cemeteries, street, parks, buildings, bridges, and so on, that these Liberal liars who want the war to be known as a war for the cause of slavery and nothing else.

These people such as Yankee, Illinois school teacher and History fabricator Corey Meyer is one small little man who lives in the notorious failed state of Illinois, where liberalism has bankrupted the state which is a hot bed for liberals and their failed agendas. Also bigger liars such as Kevin Levin from Boston, Andy Hall, Al Mackey, Jimmy Dick, Brooks Simpson, and tens of thousands more of these liberal Northern

characters who will say anything to protect the image of Abraham Lincoln and the Yankee barbarism against the Southern people in 1861-1865 war, plus the many years before and after the war where their actions placed great hardships on the Southern people.

As Abraham Lincoln himself wanted to find a way to “SHIP ALL THE SLAVES OUT OF AMERICA TO SOME OTHER NATION ” this is what he said, and he said he ” WOULD NOT FIGHT TO KEEP SLAVERY AND HE WOULD NOT FIGHT TO END SLAVERY “. Now for those of you readers who think I am wrong, then go check this out, today you can google this online and see for yourself, the facts are there for the world who still believes in fairy tales to see and to wake up to the facts and truth.

Their are very many pieces of documented historical information to prove that Lincoln and his backers and associates wanted more than any other thing, NOT TO LOOSE THE MONEY, THE TENS OF MILLIONS IN ECONOMIC BENEFIT TO THE NORTHERN BUSINESSES IF THE SOUTH LEFT AND BECAME INDEPENDENT. THE SOUTH WAS THEIR CASH COW, AS WELL AS THE TAXES AND TARIFFS BEING PAID INTO THE GOVERNMENT.

Have you ever heard of the 13th. Amendment, well in 1860, William Seward, yes that Seward, was then a Senator from New York and he submitted the following amendment to the U.S. Constitution,


The Corwin Amendment read as follows:

No amendment shall be made to the Constitution which will authorize or give to Congress power to abolish or interfere, within any State, with the domestic institutions thereof, including that of persons held to labor or service by the laws of said State.

The Corwin Amendment was an effort to placate the South and contain secessionist sentiment. It proposed to do three things. First, to protect slavery by giving each state the power to regulate the “domestic institutions” within its borders. This was an enticing carrot for the slave states: stay in the Union and you can keep slavery. Second, to dispossess Congress of the power to “abolish or interfere” with slavery. And third, to make itself un-amendable by providing that “no amendment shall be made to the Constitution” that would undo the Corwin Amendment.

After Seward proposed the Corwin Amendment, then newly-elected President Lincoln defended the states’ right to adopt it. In his first inaugural address Lincoln declared that he had “no objection” to the Corwin Amendment, nor that it be made forever un-amendable.

The Corwin Amendment won two-thirds support in both the House and the Senate in early 1861. Ohio was the first state to ratify the amendment, and Maryland and Illinois followed suit, but the onset of the Civil War interrupted the states’ ratification of the amendment. Had it been ratified, however, the Corwin Amendment would have become the 13th Amendment, forever protecting slavery instead of abolishing it. And the Amendment would have passed with the support of the man who later freed the slaves in the Emancipation Proclamation of 1863, orchestrated the constitutional death of slavery, and is by any measure one of history’s greatest leaders.

Although its ratification was disrupted by the Civil War, the Corwin Amendment is not actually dead. To this day, it lies dormant, ready to be ratified by the required number of states.

That the Corwin Amendment was approved in both the House and Senate, and subsequently ratified by some states, reveals a deep flaw in the design of the United States Constitution. Although its ratification was disrupted by the Civil War, the Corwin Amendment is not actually dead. To this day, it lies dormant, ready to be ratified by the required number of states. Its adoption by the House and Senate is now a constitutional fact that cannot be reversed.

Ohio, Maryland and Illinois were the first (3) states to ratify it, and dear old Abraham Lincoln was in total favor of it, yes, that Lincoln.

The come lately historian want to be’s, from the land of Liberals and Liars, want this war to be caused by one thing, the Souths racists, anti Black, slave desiring desires and that is all. The only problem is it is not true. Did Southerners love the blacks, the facts are no more or no less than the Northerners did love them and or still do. Blacks want for the most part to be with blacks, and whites with whites, and Chinese with Chinese, this is just the way it is in general, always their are exceptions, but our no good president is a perfect example, he looks to blacks to entertain him, to run his administration and to screw up our nation. He does not seek the best qualified individuals, he is a racist.

Yes the NAACP want the Confederate battle flag taken down, but like many other past historical issues, the fight causes unintended consequences, it is awakening many milliions to the truth, and they are seeing the connection to Marxiusts Liberals and Obama, Clinton, the Democratic Party, the NAACP, Planned Parenthood, NOW, The Perverted Gay Rights movement, and all other loony tune Anti God, Anti Family, Anti Traditional America, and anti good low life’s that are out there working hard fore Satan.

Yes there was a war in 1861, but not a Civil War, but a War started by Lincoln to stop the 11 Southern states and any others from taking their multi millions of dollars away, Slaves were not the reason, not then, and not today. Stop believing the LIE, learn about the War for Southern Independence, fly your own Confederate BATTLE FLAG AS A STAND AGAINST THE LES, AND FOR YOUR STAND FOR FREEDOM IN AMERICA FROM THE LIBERALS WHO WISH TO DESTROY IT AND YOU.