Why do we here in America sit by when people want to dig up the graves of Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest, or to have the busts of CSA President Jefferson Davis removed from the Kentucky statehouse, and to remove the Confederate Battle flag from the exterior entrance of the once proud Museum of The Confederacy in Richmond, Virginia, who denies the flying of Confederate battle flags on the Confederate Chapel on the property of the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, land that was once a Confederate Soldiers home, but at the same time the Black liberal Marxists , Racists, have a womanizer, drunkard pervert phoney Martin Luther King statute in may places, streets and buildings named for this low life imposter. The Atlanta NAACP wants to sandblast the Honorable Jefferson Davis, Robert E. Lee, and Thomas J. Jackson from the Stone Mountain, Ga. site, I say, NO, AND IF ANYTHING HAPPENS TO THIS MONUMENT, THEN ABRAHAM ” WAR CRIMINAL ” LINCOLNS MONUMENT SHOULD BE ELIMINATED ALONG WITH M.L.K. AND A FEW OTHER BLACK SCUMS MONUMENTS WHO HAVE HELPED DESTROY AMERICA. I am for peace, and for civility, but we must set a line where we stand upon and do not move an fraction from, this is such a line, I ask all who read this to comment, to go on facebook, to e mail the NAACP morons in Atlanta and say, Hell No, this will not be allowed. Look into this, and remember, it will never stop, not with the flags, or the monuments, but all that you value and cherish.