Kevin Levin, Al Mackey, Corey Meyer, Andy Hall, Jimmy Dick, Rob Baker, Brooks Simpson, Niki Hailey, Al ” RACIST” Sharpton, Liar Corrupt Barry ” RACIST-LIAR” Obama, Hilliary “Low Life” Clinton, and the other million or so rotten liar, myth maker Liberals need to know, THE CONFEDERATE BATTLE FLAG AND ALL OTHER VERSIONS OF THE CONFEDERATE FLAGS ARE HERE TO STAY AND DAMN THEM.

All of the above noted creeps, miscreants, liars, myth makers, and generally jerks, can wish all they want, lie as much as they can about what the Confederate states stood for and fought their Barbaric Northern ancestors as they burned down Southern civilians homes, barns and food supplies, stole their live stock, horses, pigs, cows, chickens, mules, destroyed their plows and farming equipment making it impossible to grow food to feed their families, raped women, killed and maimed civilians and since that time the Yankee soldier, Lincoln, Grant, Sherman, Hunter, Meigs, and all the others have a legacy as War Criminals, barbarians, and murderers. So to those named above and the others, you all can moan, cry, whine, or complain, but you hug another Homosexual, marry a same sex friend, abort a baby, and just generally do all the nasty things you bastards do, but the flag of my honorable Southern ancestor will fly and say we were right and we will never bow to you liberals, homos, and other low lifes.

NASCAR, the spineless group of people interested in making money as opposed to standing by principal, is now going to the evil side, Bubba Watson, whom seems to be a very nice man, likewise, and i suspect more will cave as spineless men are replacing real men in America, this is evident in our changing American culture, as the left is nasty, has no character, and is generally perverted in every evil way.

As to the rest of us who still love America and are not Liberal, Gay, or drugged up on pot, cocaine, meth or other junk, stay the course, be brave, fly the Confederate battle flag and fly the American flag, they both deserve our love and support, so stay the course, do not fall for the evil liberal political correct policies and desires to destroy America, we are the larger group, we are in charge of America, not them, we can undo what they have done and we can prevent more of their crap, DO NOT VOTE FOR A LIBERAL, AND WATCH OUT, THEIR ARE SO MANY LIARS, DON’T BE FOOLED BY HILLIARY, OR ANY DEMOCRAT, AND AS TO ” CONSERVATIVES ‘ CHECK THEM OUT, DO NOT ACCEPT THEM AT FACE VALUE, LOOK INTO THEIR PAST TRACK RECORDS AND VOTE FOR THE BEST CANDIDATE.