To be a descendent of a Confederate Soldier, Sailor and or Southerner that served and or lived thru the War For Southern Independence as a soldier or civilian, to me it is a special honor and birthright. I am especially thankful as it makes me so proud, to have kin, flesh and blood kinsman that I now have their DNA and blood from these wonderful, brave and honorable people to call my ancestors. We who are in this chosen group of people should never forget our ancestors and the sacrifices they made to protect their family, homes, and Southern states from the Invaders sent by Lincoln, a man who today is no doubt burning in Hell for his war crimes and evil actions against the innocent Southern people. The South wanted peace, and wanted to be left alone and for the Federal government to stop interfering in the details and issues of the various states, but this wasn’t to be. No one preferred peace more than the Southern people, a people who love their families, their land and their lives. A happy, hard working people who love God, and who worked for what they had. Not freeloaders, no welfare, no food stamps, no gay marriages or other perversion was in their plans. Oh for sure they were not perfect, but they were as close to that as any group of people will ever get while walking on this planet never the less. Yes they hunted, fished, joked, loved, and frolicked as fun people do in life. They loved America, from the first days at Jamestown Virginia in 1607, their work began, clearing land, harvesting timber, building houses, farming, raising livestock, and creating a nation free from the Kings control. This process went on until the Patriots led by Southerner George Washington of Virginia, who led the fight for this new group of Americans, in the War for American Independence. Thankfully, we won, and became free. The states joined ” Voluntarily ” into the United States, and from 1781 or so we moved along thru the years adding railroads, ports, cities and factories and on and on. As many projects go, they include people, and all people do not always agree, as was in the case of the Northern people and the Southern people. The North controlled the factories and much of the business activities of the nation, the South had the large plantations and farms, growing Cotton, sugar cane, rice, tobacco, and other crops plus timber. The South supplied these necessary items to the Northern factories as they manufactured the clothing, blankets, rope, string, tarps, tents, furniture and many other important products from these raw materials supplied to them. Both The North and the South used many slaves, the majority in the South where the need for labor was greater. As these various people in both regions had different thoughts on slaves, taxes, rights, and so forth as well as opinions and obedience to God and christian principals were markedly different in each region, a conflict of opinions and ideas grew and differences became larger and more pronounced. The Southern people felt that they were being mistreated by the Federal government in may ways that taxes tariffs were accessed and in other issues, states were constantly being told to not do this and they must do that, and in many cases the North was asking the individual states to do things against their will. The Southern states were constituted separately, similar, but not exactly alike, and each state had a governor who was the chief executive, they also had a legislative body, and made laws suited to their needs and wishes. Our Federal government was told originally in the beginning, to print the money and handle the nations currency, post office, army and navy, they were not told to regulate the creeks and rivers, lakes and mountains, Forrest and fish, Tobacco, Rice, sugar, Cotton, lumber or any thing else for that matter. Taxes were to be accessed to run the army, navy, post office and the money supply, but little else. Yes this is a simple explanation but it is the gist of the matter being discussed here. As the Republican party of the day, moved along, it was evident that they had slowly released slaves in many areas, and it was a point of contention by many to end slavery, but more important to know is most whites North and South were not super happy with the black man. The black man in most case has been slow to develop, to have ambition, motivation, to succeed and grow individually in the math, sciences, in building and farming, in civility and in self reliance, they just lacked these traits from day one in the colonies and it was still this way and it is much this way today in 2015 for the large majority of black people. This was not caused by slavery, it was the same situation before they were taken from Africa, they were not ambitious, industrious people, to put it gently.In any case, as politicians are, they say or do anything to get elected, and Lincoln was a politician tom be sure. As time moved forward the differences became heated and contentious, until the South had reached a point that it was time to divorce itself from the Federal system of government, and to do things separately and independent of the Federal government, like George Washington had done 80 some years earlier, the Southern states now wanted to gain independence from Lincoln and the U.S. GOVERNMENT, so they seceded from the union. Big Northern businessmen were beside themselves, and gave Lincoln earful after earful, that this could not be allowed, too much money would leave their pockets, so Lincoln invaded and attacked, and not only attacked the Confederate military, he attacked the Southern civilians, homes were ransacked, looted, burned, people harmed and some killed, women raped, all across the South. Southern people did not ever behave this way, but the Yankee under Lincoln were barbarians, and by all laws Lincoln, Grant, Sherman, Sheridan and a bunch more are guilty of war crimes against the South and Southern people. So celebrate George Washington and his many patriots who fought for our American Independence, know that if George Washington, had been alive and able to fight in 1861, he would have been a Confederate soldier, fighting for Virginia Independence. May it be known that General Robert E. Lee’s father was Henry ” Lighthorse Harry ” Lee III, A General under Washington during the first war for Independence, as was many other fathers and ancestors of Confederate soldiers, and my ancestors, who fought in both wars, for America first, then for the Confederacy, they were honorable men and women then, and they remain honorable ancestors today and forevermore. If you are a descendent of a Confederate, celebrate and know that you are one of the few chosen special people in America, you are in a group that does not accept members by invitation, you must have the blood provided to you from your Confederate ancestor, be proud to be a Confederate Descendent, I can tell you that I am.