The Confederate flag is the honorable flag of 70 million Americans who have Confederate ancestors. These Confederate ancestors fought a greedy money hungry politician’s desire to stop 11 Southern states from gaining rightful Independence in the terrible war Lincoln waged against the Southern people. As his army raided villages and towns, bombarded cities where men women and children lived, went to school, went to church, farmed, and worked, Lincoln and his war criminals looted, stole, robbed, burned homes, and raped and killed non-combatant American citizens. Yes, these Southerners were Americans, and they were attacked by the Lincoln U.S. Government while flying a U.S. FLAG. The war was all about the economy, business, money. Slavery had been going in across the North and South for 240 years in America. Thousands of years in many parts of the world. After the Revolutionary war, which was a war where Americans wanted to become independent of tyrants like King George, and they succeeded, a new flag was created, the U.S. FLAG. I love this flag,and I fly it every day. Now you need to know that this U.S. flag flew from about 1781 thru the period of 1863 when Lincoln for political gains in his re-election to gain voters freed the slaves. So for about 84 years it was the flag over legalized slavery in America. The Confederate Battle flag flew not for slavery, but as a means of unit identification of Confederate military units in the War For Southern Independence, which was forced on the South by Lincoln, and it was the legal Confederate symbol for 4 years, not 84 years. The North under Lincoln was not interested in helping blacks, Lincoln himself said he would no fight to keep slavery nor would he fight to end slavery. Do yourself a favor and check this out, FACTS DO MATTER, STOP GOING THRU LIFE BELIEVING MYTHS. The South never had any intentions or plans or ideas on taking over America, they were not seeking to take over anyone, just 11 individual states who wanted to disassociate themselves from Federal government control, they were not picking up the 11 states and moving them someplace. The North under Lincoln were seeking control, taking over land and businesses and to force these 11 states to stay in the Union, and to send Cotton North so the big Northern factories could continue to make millions off the raw material, the tobacco, the Rice, Lumber and sugar among other items, plus the large tariffs and taxes being sent North. So I say, the Confederate flag is a flag that has been hijacked by the KKK and other weirdos over the past 150 years who do things and blame it on this honorable flag. The Swastika is legal, and it flew over Nazi Germany from 1939 until 1945 as 6,000,000 Jews and millions of Germans, Americans, Polish, French, Italian, British and others died as a result of Adolph Hitler. It is legal to own, and I am ok with that, I oppose any Nazi like actions however. The Confederate flag is being used by the race mongers in the Left wing democratic party to help divide America along racial lines, WHY, so that the Democratic party of Obama and Clinton  can say, we are on the Blacks side and gain the black votes and the weak pinko weirdo portion of weak white voters and Hispanic voters, it is all about 2016 and every other election to assist the Democratic party. We today like never before have a large number of American citizens who are dumb as rocks, they are gullible, naive, Socially empty and looking for a cause to get behind, and the Left Wing evil Democrats know this and collect them like like rocks along the ground. Obama, Clinton, the strategist of evil work these racial divides to the max, the blacks miss the truth, and so do most of you reading this. Yes folks, The Confederate flag is honorable, and I love it and I also fly this flag every day, 24/7/365 lighted at night, and I urge all the 70 million ancestors of an honorable Confederate States to join me in installing a flag pole and Confederate flag on your property. WAKE UP AND STOP BELIEVING THE LIES ND MYTHS.