Well the Politicians show why they are called Politicians. Governor Niki Haley, Senator Graham, want the Confederate flag removed from South Carolina state buildings. Yes, The spineless Graham, and other spineless political correct jerks who have no courage or honor will go along with the shifting sands and political winds that give them the most bang for their buck. They are not real Southern people, if they were they would not suggest that the flag had anything, anything at all to do with the kooks actions in Charleston. But just like the morons who oppose the very tool that allowed this nation to be created, and the tools that saved us in the Spanish American War, WW-1, WW-2, The Korean War, Viet Nam, and on until today, without guns, and lots of them we would have lost the wars, but the left still opposes them for Americans. Oh do they like their freedom from Hitler and the NAZIS, you bet your butt they do, and from the Japanese and the head hunters in ISIL, they are IDIOTS, MORONS, BRAINLESS LEFT WING NUT JOBS AND SPINELESS HOMO’S LIKE LINDSEY GRAHAM.

I have said, I of course am opposed of what the Kook boy did in Charleston, but it is not the fault of the Confederate flag, suppose he was upset about being forced to drink milk as a child, would we outlaw cows and milk, come on, wake the hell up, a million people have died when someone gets courage from wine or Bourbon and takes on the world and gets someone or himself killed. Do we want to rid all alcohol from existence. Of course not, men and women have poisoned people with anti-freeze, I like my Prestone when it’s 2 degrees outside and my engine is cold, and on occasion I like a glass of wine, or Champagne at a wedding, shall we outlaw the car the man drove, did it play a role in his actions, what about his clothes or the brand or color his of gun or brand of bullets, are they the reason for this act. OF COURSE NOT, IT WAS EVIL, EVIL, THE WORLD HAS EVIL PEOPLE WALKING AROUND, TALKING, PLANNING, AND ACTING OUT FOR EVIL PLANS FROM SATAN. ALWAYS HAS BEEN THE CASE, ALWAYS WILL BE, THIS IS NOT A CONFEDERATE FLAG ISSUE ANY MORE THAN IT IS A CHARLESTON ISSUE, OR A SOUTH CAROLINA ISSUE, OR A FLAG ISSUE, SO STOP WITH THE LIES, THE POLITICAL ACTS FOR PERSONAL GAINS, THIS IS WRONG, SHAME ON YOU LINDSEY GRAHAM, YOU WILL GET VERY FEW VOTES OUTSIDE THE FAGGOT COMMUNITY AND MABY ROB BAKER WILL CHANGE RESIDENCES SO HE AND HIS BOY FRIENDS CAN VOTE IN SOUTH CAROLINA, SAME FOR NIKI HALEY, SHAMEFUL.