Obama is not a Liar, Hilliary and Bill Clinton are Not Rich, Rachel Dolezal is Black, and Bowe Bergdhal served Honorably with distinction.

This is all too funny, so loony tunes, and so LIBERAL. Yes, the American Liberal, oh what dishonest corrupt human beings, and this will not end on it’s own, we, we the American people who are still conscious and responsible must end it by not falling for their lies and bullshit.
Whether it is Senator Harry Reid lying about Mitt Romney not having paid taxes when he knew it was a lie, or Nancy Pelosi, or Susan Rice saying the Benghazi attack was due to a video, and on and on these evil low life’s will stop at nothing in their political attacks on America for power. This crappy White woman who married a black man, adopted black kids, and works for the NAACP as she lies her way thru life.

Obviously some mental illness is in play as well as dishonesty and pure deception. How hurt her parents must be if they too are not full of the Liberal agenda, I hope they are not. But to see a picture of a total black stranger, a older male, and say, yes, that is my dad, when it was not her father, how that would hurt the white man who is her real father, why hurt your mother and father this way. But Liberals are low life people, hurting others, lies, all are in their rotten play book, this is who they are, liars, rotten to the core liars.

May God bless America, and may God rid America of all evil people who aim to do harm to our great nation and those who love God.