This will be very easy to accomplish. Just put Blacks in charge of everything, the Federal government, state governments, city government, all major corporations, banks, the military, Airlines, Trains, Hospitals, ect. and in 5 years or less, all will be trashed, defaced, burned down, destroyed, and or bankrupt.

We have already began this process in Washington, DC., Atlanta, Detroit, Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York, Newark, East Saint Louis, Chicago, Oakland, Richmond, Cleveland, and many other cities, but we need more of these nasty black Morons who have brains about as big as a pecan to take over. Just listen to the incompetent, dumb mayor of Baltimore, or Obama, or Congresswoman Shelia Jackson Lee or Eleanor Holmes Norton or Al Sharpton, or the thousands of idiots running wild in the streets of Baltimore destroying the things they need in their own city. But not to worry, those of us who pay taxes, 99% who are white, will help rebuild what the morons destroy.

You hear them all speak of no jobs,  no economy, ect., and they think by burning down the city’s business establishments will bring investors in. And what can the morons do, they cannot speak beyond the Ape level, know absolutely nothing, tatoos, drugs, nasty appearance, have no motivation, no ambition, and who would hire these ignorant animals. THEY ARE THEIR PROBLEM, AND THEY ARE OUR PROBLEM. SO THOSE LIBERALS, DEMOCRATS, POLITICAL CORRECT TYPES WHO READ THIS TAKE NOTE, IT WILL NOT JUST BE THE WHITES, OR THE CONSERVATIVES WHO SUFFER FROM ALL OF THIS, IT WILL BE YOU TOO, THIN K ABOUT BIT AS YOU ASSIST IN THE DESTRUCTION OF AMERICA.

Me, I propose we give all blacks more knives, rocks, bottles, bricks, matches, and let them kill each other at a faster rate than they are now doing. To save some money, close down all schools in all major cities and towns with a large black population, as the only people benefiting are the teachers and administrators who spend much of their time rigging test scores to make it seem they have students who are actually learning anything, and in most cases that rig the attendance records to hide the fact the kids are not even actually coming to school.

Yes Sir, we have no Black problem, no way, it is the news media, those so called Baltimore riots were simple block parties to celebrate Cinco De Mayo, which most Mexicans do not Celebrate, only Corona beer celebrates it, and our dumbed down citizens who are too dumb to know it.

Yeah, lock up all the policemen, send them a message that if they keep doing their job, and locking up the lawbreakers, they will be in jail or fired. Soon, only the rotten low life’s in our society will take the police jobs, as more and more GOOD, HONEST, WHOLESOME MEN AND WOMEN WILL AVOID THIS CAREER PATH, JUST AS THEY ARE DOING IN THE MILITARY, AND AS THIS HAPPENS THE DESTRUCTION WILL SPEED UP, YIPPEE, THEN THE FINAL BREAKDOWN WILL OCCUR AND WE CAN ALL SIT IN THE DARK, NO ECONOMY, NO MONEY, NO SYSTEM, AS WE ALLOWED THE BLACKS, DEMOCRATS, LIBERALS, QUEERS, AND DRUG PUSHERS TO TAKE OVER SO AS WE WOULD REMAIN POLITICALLY CORRECT.

God is still on the throne, he has the last word, and if enough of us who do care, who have respect for law and order, for decency, for going to school and learning skills, and then working to get what you want rather than sleeping all day, running the streets at night with the crack heads, whores and thieves and morons. If enough of us pray for a course correction, a course correction will happen, it may be that a lot more people are put in jail, but it can be fixed, if we ignore this approach, get your misery clothes on, as they will be needed.