Hilliary Clinton, Is she amazing or what. She smiles, lies, smiles cheats, smiles and just breaks the law and keeps on trucking. The woman has no shame. She can screw you and smile all the while, tell you how wonderful you are and she is, and steal the clothes off your back.

She has scammed, cheated, connived for her entire adult life and is not slowing down She still maintains a legion Of MORONS, IDIOTS, WHO SUPPORT HER AS SHE SCREWS THEM and us.

Magic, once she had a 3 ft. tall of computer printout data, that she was supposed to
produce to a congressional committee, and it was inside the WHITE HOUSE. Now, some neighborhoods are bad, burglaries, muggings, ect. But HEY, we are talking about inside the White House. Yep, the damn records, all 40 pounds of them, just disappeared, she is a magician, and we need to recognize it.

Ole Vince Foster fucked around with her and mysteriously got his brains re-arranged, magic, it is something. Jennifer Flowers, Hilliary helped her along, Paula Jones, and others, and Hilliary didn’t say this but it is true, ” SHE CAN LICK MOST WOMEN ” and I have no doubts, and some men too.

White Water Jim and Susan McDougle, Tyson Foods, The Rose Law Firm, Her Brother Hugh Rodham, Her senate race and service,her Secretary of State lies, Benghazi, and her e mails just to name a few. Her Lies, not enough ink in my printer to print them all, and they continue every day, just wait and you will sooner or later see how evil this woman is.

Yes, her e mails, she learned from ole Lois, have your own server, have control of that server at your house, then when the shit hits the fan, chuck what you don’t want seen, only the Liberal Democrats have these low life, unscrupulous ways of living their corrupt lives. They lie cheat and steal until the Cancer, heart attack, plane crash, or worse gets them, and it will get them, or someone they live more than themselves. Just watch, the final chapter has not been written on the rotten woman.