Some members of the Charlottesville, Va. town council voted to abolish the Lee-Jackson Holiday this week. No surprise, not one of the rotten low lifes were born in Charlottesville, or in the state of Virginia, or in the Southern United States. No, here as it repeats daily across the South and other places, CARPET BAGGERS, SNAKES, LOW LIFES, MOVE INTO A NICE AREA, WORM THEIR WAY INTO POSITIONS OF AUTHORITY WHILE DECEIVING THE GENTLE LOCAL PEOPLE, AND THEN LIKE A VIPER, STRIKE. Spewing their poison, erasing christian symbols, Southern symbols, and changing things that are diametrically opposed to their dishonest evil way of life. They cheat, lie, misstate, and alter our history and heritage especially in the South and in other parts of Christian America. One day it is the rotten ones in Charlottesville doing this evil work, today it is more about the tricks, and underhanded schemes of Hilliary Clinton and most of those in the democratic party especially Obama.
Hilliary Clinton is one Evil, rotten Liberal democrat that has been involved in deception and lies her whole life. Her family was the same way. Her husband Bill and his family, ditto. Rotten, dishonest Liberals, nasty, Evil representatives and heroes of the Evil movement across America.

On one hand there is Barrack Obama, he is a liar, a corrupt no good bastard, and while like rats, he would devour Hilliary and she him, as they hate each other they hate good, they are agents of Satan, anti-God, evil people spreading harm to America and the world.

If our American citizens would just take the time to get informed, watch FOX news once or twice every week so as to hear about these things Obama and his administration are doing, hear about Hilliary’s scams with everything from White Water where she and Bill , Jim and Susan Mcdougal scammed Americans out of millions in the Savings and loan companies. Then Bill and her have lied their way, screwed their way into the White House, and are still screwing Americans, physically as well as in other ways.

As Secretary of State she accomplished – ZERO, other than helping keep her nose close to the White House where she is wanting to be.
She has lied her ass off, and is unfit for any office, but will the American people get off their ass and get informed, will they stop texting and tweeting and playing video games long enough to be real responsible adults for awhile and save America from the DOOM THAT ANOTHER LIBERAL PRESIDENT WILL CAUSE US ALL. WILL THEY TAKE SOME SELF RESPONSIBILITY AND TRY TO SAVE WHAT IS LEFT OF AMERICA FROM THE LIBERALS OF SATAN, YES SATAN, HE IS THE LEADER OF EVIL, AND OF THE THE LIBERALS, THE DEMOCRATS, THE SOCIALIST, THE MARXISTS, THE COMMUNISTS ARE ALL HIS ORGANIZATIONS.

But what about you, have you fallen in line for his deception, his lies, are you buying the same sex marriage lies, God opposes same sex marriage, he opposes Homosexuality, he opposes abortions, liars, low life’s, what about you, are you on Gods side are or you on Satan’s side. In this, there is no middle position, so my advice to you, decide,
and if you are a good decent person you will join Gods side if you are not on it already. Not being on Gods side will bring you destruction,
so be warned.