I wonder how many Anti Southern, Anti Southern Heritage, Anti Confederate Flaggers their are who do not have the guts, or the decency to use their real names and e mail accounts.

I would ask all who have a name or two that you have seen or perhaps received on your web site to send them to me.

Some examples are FUREB, Tyler Ratke, Robert Billy, LeAnne Crabtree, Hectate Crowley, Victor Hatcher, Max Webber, Fenster Henhawk, this was dishonest, and is dishonest, when one lie’s about their name, and when confronted many have lied and said, oh no, wasn’t me. I could list many more , but I want to hear from you. I am re-enforced by the fact that in my experience, I have only received (1) Southern Supporter that was an alias, but I have received more than a dozen from the evil side. Does that not paint a clear picture, what have they to hide if what they say is true, or is it. Their is some fear from those who hide behind aliases, and we need to keep track of those who work in the dark, they are cowards at a minimum and gutless. So, send me your names, send me your comments, and I will share mine as well. Maby we will need a blog to publish these on each week or two.

The truth never fails, and when you state a so called fact  and later discover you were wrong, then just say you were wrong, we are human, and this is all we should expect, and no less, or no more.