I have written on this topic many times, and will likely do so again. Slavery began more than 5000 years ago and was a practice used in most if not of the continents and in most nations. It was and still is wrong.

Slavery came to the new world we call the United States in 1607 or earlier. It was legal under the United States law and the various U.S.flags flew for more than 85 years while slavery was practiced in the North and the South. Know your American history, Northern business man and traders made millions of dollars in the Rum, Sugar, Molasses and slaves were at the center of all this business. Northerners, especially the modern day Yankee, is ashamed, and will lie to cover this up, and will continue to blame the flag of the Confederate States of America for slavery, but this is wrong and is a lie.

us-1795 flag


Slavery was legal under the various flags of the Confederate States of
America for only 4 years. Yes, their were slaves in the Southern states as the South was agrarian and it took much labor to be successful, but it was wrong. The Northern Invasion into the Southern States was also wrong, and the war was not fought over slavery, but the slavery issue was a consequence, not the cause of the invasion and war.



Be aware of your U.S. History, slavery was not a Southern creation and the facts are that the North is ashamed of the millions of dollars in the various Sugar, Molasses, Rum and other trades they made involving the use of slaves.