Well, many have been criticized lately by Brooks Simpson aka The Simulator, and Jimmy ” The Dick” Dick, and the asshole phony Illinois school teacher, Corey Meyer ” I feel sorry when minds are lost due to lousy teachers”  (must be a real teacher shortage in the Land of Obama),  for flying Confederate Battle flags in Florida. These Liberal Yankees and attackers of any and all Southern activities relating to Confederate heritage, seem to have steam coming out of their ears. I love it so much. They act as if they must give the people of Florida permission to fly Confederate Battle flags, this is precisely what was wrong in 1861, Yankees meddling in other states affairs, as if they have a say, listen up Yankee Miscreants, You have nothing to do with the flags in Florida or anywhere else. They, the Morons mentioned above, seem to think they have the authority to decide who fought in Florida from the Army of Northern Virginia, and if this is adequate in their small minds, to qualify the good people of Florida as to allow them to fly a Confederate Battle flag. REALLY, CAN YOU SEE WHICH FINGER I AM HOLDING UP. If you can afford a bus ticket, go down a take a picture of the flags, so you can tape it up on your refrigerator, it would be a great memento for you. You jerks think you are the authority on America, that the citizens of all 50 states have to do what you assholes say, that’s a laugh, we think of you morons as a joke, which is what you are. So whine, but if you can, send some money to help us get more and more flag poles up, and more flags flying . So far things have been brisk in this activity, so send what you can, and enjoy the views of the new South with the old flag that we so admire and love. Happy New Year Morons.