Well Al, I guess you and your buddies Barrack and Eric Holder will be on TV today criticizing the police, telling America that the police need more training in dealing with blacks who pull a 9 mm pistol on a police officer, for what, to show the policeman in Missouri how pretty it is and he stole it to give it as a Christmas gift to another criminal friend of his, I am sure, oh, no way would the black man shoot a police officer, would they Mayor De LIAR OF NEW YORK.

America, do you recall the 70% of black births being ill-ligament, well about 50% of that 70% will be criminals, yes. and you will be affected, because you vote for Obama, and get these liberals in power to destroy America. While I know Obama lied and cheated his way into the office, and de blasio likely did to, the bottom line is WHITE AMERICANS KEEP VOTING IN DEMOCRATS, LIBERALS, WHO HATE THE POLICE, WHO HATE THE DRUG LAWS, WHOM SUPPORT HOMOSEXUALS, WHO SUPPORT THE NAACP, AL SHARPTON, JESSIE JACKSON AND OBAMA, AND OPRAH, SAMUEL JACKSON, LIBERAL HOLLYWOOD, AND ALL ROTTEN PEOPLE AND GROUPS IN AMERICA.

I have told you before, the anti – Southern history people, those who want all Confederate flags taken down, who hate our Southern heritage, the heritage that existed to only want to be left alone from Lincolns Liberal Yankees, and the ones who were invaded, had our Southern homes burned, our farms destroyed, our stores and warehouses burned down, our railroad tracks and bridges destroyed, our property stolen, our women raped, our people killed by the YANKEE DOGS, these and many more are in agreement with the Liberal agenda, the political correct policies, the democratic party of America, yes, the opposition to our Southern Heritage is all part and parcel of those who attack our police, our American traditions, support and defend homosexuality, who defend same sex marriage, who defend less drug law enforcement, also are part of the culture who align themselves with Obama and Holder,and Hilliary, and Elizabeth Warren, and Al Gore, and Joe Biden, And Al Sharpton, and Jessie Jackson, and Bradley Manning, and Bo Bergdhal, and Edward Snowden, the illegal aliens who cross our borders every day, and all liberals, and left wing traitors and anti christian and anti white groups and individuals who want to have their way regardless to our laws.

Yeah Simpson, Hall, Meyer, Levin, Young, Baker, Mackey, and all you creeps, you low life bastards who attack Southern flagger groups, who attack Southern heritage groups, you are all part of Americas decay and the growing lawlessness. You use history as your vehicle to blog and to spread the mistrusts about the flaggers and Southern heritage groups and history. Hell will have a place for you and all of the others who destroy our nation.