Why are the leaders of Blacks dishonest, is it genetic, do they have a
mental block to the truth, to logic, to fairness, to decency, to fairness, to patriotism, to non blacks??

I say this with consternation, and aggravation, as we all have witnessed the continual never ending statements and the charges and complaints of blacks who refuse to accept our American system of justice.

When the police of America carry out their duties there are mistakes made at times, and there are times that police officers clearly and blatantly violate the law. So do coal miners, farmers, truck drivers, mail men, circus workers and all the rest of society. When this happens, the police are called to investigate, and forward their information, all collected facts, names, ect. to the local civilian states attorney or similar legal official for consideration as to whether it warrants a charge against the person or persons involved, or whether it need to be placed before a sworn grand jury to call and listen to witnesses, including all involved.
Then the grand jury voters whether an indictment is justified based on the facts and law. IF INDITED, A TRIAL IS SCHEDULED AND ALL INVOLVED ARE GIVEN THEIR DAY IN COURT, IF NO INDICTMENT IS
AWARDED, THEIR IS NO TRIAL, THIS IS OUR SYSTEM, THE BEST IN THE WORLD. ASK OJ Simpson, he snuck through one for two murders.

But then the blacks, are above our system, if the indictment is not awarded, they complain, if the person is found not guilty they complain. THEY WANT IT THEIR WAY, NO MATTER WHAT.

Let’s look at a few typical statements made by blacks regarding the Ferguson case.

Troublemaker , aka, Al Sharpton says, the grand jury decision to not indict Officer Darren Wilson is “an absolute blow” and added that “the fight is not over.”

Democratic Governor of Mass. Deval Patrick  ” wanted an Indictment ”

The race-baiters are heaping burning coals and gasoline onto an already out of control fire. Among them is the new Congressional Black Caucus leader, Rep. G.K. Butterfield, who came out with a disturbing warning to the grand jury. His message, indict Wilson or face the “pushback.”

Their are tons more, all ignoring the grand jury, a jury of men and women selected back in May 2014, months before the shooting, they handled numerous cases, and had no pre planned agenda, no knowledge of the future, a typical American jury, but does this matter to the blacks, HELL NO, THEY WANT WHAT THEY WANT AND AMERICA, LAW AND ORDER BE DAMNED, IS THIS NOT EXACTLY THE SAME WAY MIKE BROWN ACTED IN THE CONVENIENCE STORE, AND AGAIN ON THE STREET WHEN CONFRONTED BY A POLICE OFFICER, SCREW YOU, I AM BLACK AND DON’T HAVE TO FOLLOW THE LAW. SHAMEFUL, THIS SEEMS TO BE THE WAY THE BIGGER PART OF AMERICAS BLACKS THINK.

Obama, Holder and the Missouri Governor Nixon were equally guilty of the Ferguson , Mo. turmoil as they backed the black community rather than the police as they should have unless and until the facts proved otherwise, this is our system, but they violate it even though they took an oath to uphold it. This is just one more of the reasons why we still have these race problems.