Well we all need some fun, some comedy and a laugh now and then.
If you are are studying the history of the War For Southern Independence, or as the Lefty will say, Civil War, then by all means waste some of your time at such blog sites as those listed below.

These sites may allow you to learn how to distort what the central causes and reason were for the war, as well as to learn about the many tens of thousands of notable events especially individuals, battles and the character of many of the Northern Yankee scum who were and are true barbarians in their inhumane attacks and treatment of the Southern people.

You need to know, the South in 1861 had no plans or desires to attack and harm anyone. The South was a friendly group of American states, who had a like minded love of God, and who lived in peace, and enjoyed their family, friends and life itself. They had been the subject of Northern ridicule for many years prior to 1861, and the central Federal government had unfairly treated the Southern states as lower class citizens, farmers and agriculturalist who grew the valuable Cotton, Rice, Tobacco, Corn, Wheat and other items and shipped these things world wide. The Federal government taxed and added Tariffs on the Southern people especially the ports, and severely harmed the Southern economy. They also constantly interfered in individual states with their overbearing desire to regulate and control every significant issue even though the constitution stated that only those things the state gives the Federal government is to be controlled or regulated, all else remains under the control of the state, but this was not what happened.

So after many years of this interference, excessive tariffs, and mistreatment, the states in the South decided to leave the Union.
But Lincoln and his Mafia like friends saw this as a financial disaster for many Northern businessmen, and all those stiff necks persuaded Lincoln to stop this by force. So he ordered an Invasion of the South,
and began a four year long war and caused more than 600,000 men women and children to die. Today, the Yankee supporters, mostly left wing evil liberals, wish to alter these truths, and to portray Southern
history as only one involving slavery, and to portray the Confederate flag as a flag of racism and slavery, which is a lie, but they want you to believe it. They never mention the slaves in the North, or that the US. GOVERNMENT WAS THE GOVERNMENT WHO FLEW THE AMERICAN FLAG AND OVER SAW AND ALLOWED SLAVERY FOR 80 PLUS YEARS BEFORE THE SO CALLED CIVIL WAR, AND THAT THE CONFEDERATE FLAG FLEW FOR 4 YEARS, SO WHICH FLAG WAS THE PRIMARY FLAG OVER A SLAVE NATION. Now, let me say, I love the American flag, and I love the Confederate flag, as when slaves came to America in the Colonial period of pre-America, things were different, and we today cannot place a dark view on this, as times, standards and situations in the world were totally different then. Now I am opposed to slavery, but you and I are modern time people, we have all this hind sight, the world in the 17th, 18th, 1nd 19th century was so different.
Today we have Southern heritage groups and individuals who only wish to honor and respect their ancestors, and to honor and respect places, memorials, monuments, and lands in a decent, respectful manner, but the Liberal, the troublemaker, the unchristian evil in our midst prefers to attack and to cause harm to these Southern people and groups. They attack the Virginia flaggers because the flaggers organized and is protesting the Liberal political correct actions of such places as The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, Washington and Lee University, and the town of Lexington, Va. among many others who have been taken over by liberals who hate the Southern heritage groups and our Confederate ancestors. So as we and many citizens oppose the actions of these liberals, the blog masters of the listed blogs support what the liberals say and do, and the blog masters inject confusion and distortion in the mix. These heathen, predominantly Yankee born left wing liberals do not want Southern history, memorials and especially Confederate flags to exist, but they underestimate us, we will fly more Confederate flags, taller poles with bigger flags, Night and day for ever they will fly.

So, I should thank them as they are so helping to raise money and support, and all of you who read this should join in and send money to the Virginia flaggers and join in some of the protests at the VMFA, W&L University, Lexington, and across the South at places where they are being disrespectful to our heritage. Later, it may be a good idea to consider some protests in some of the neighborhoods where these heathen bloggers live. YEP IT COULD HAPPEN, AND PROTEST COULD BE TARGETED AS SOME OTHER LOCATIONS THESE BLOGGERS WOULD NOT LIKE, SO MY DESIRE IS PEACE AND TRANQUILITY, BUT I HAVE STEEL IN MY BACK, NOT JELLY, SO STOP THE LIES, STOP THE ATTACKS OR ENJOY THE CONFEDERATE FLAGS IN A NEIGHBORHOOD NEAR YOU.


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