Well soon the Pagan holiday will be here and those who celebrate and don their masks and costumes will be out into the night. I will say that many, costume or regular do, are already out and already doing their anti good, anti Southern heritage, and what is none of their business, their  actions and criticisms and outright lies, which is what they have done for more than 150 years. I wanted to add a few photos of a few of the rascals, who we all can see everyday and not just on Halloween, people whom we wish were in West Africa, with all those who are remiss in hygiene, and health standards, who eat things in filth and who abode with certain animals and things that they should not abode with. Some American homosexuals do these same things I might add, and the diseases are created and spread by some of these filthy men and some women. All the diseases are not physical, some are diseases of the mind, spiritual diseases, where men say things they know are not true, about about themselves as well as about others.
Some of these men also use aliases and swear they they don’t. These liars, these homosexuals, these perverts, these racists who hide behind the shields and smokescreens they falsely create as they call you and I racists to cover there ill deeds, are as filthy as the West Africans in many respects. These assholes attack the innocents just as a nasty virus does, without regard for decency, or justification, as they are no respecters of men.

So as Halloween comes along, think of Lincoln, Hitler, Stalin, think of Simpson, Hall, Meyer, Mackey, Young, Levin, think of Union Generals Sherman, Hunter, Sheridan, Custer, Merritt, Butler, Burnside and Grant, Think of the many Yankee enlisted men who like their leaders, were murderers, rapists and thieves, yes, many of the officers and men, from the the boys in blue were dark and evil, and their supporters today are the same. Think of Obama, Holder, Jackson, and Sharpton, Malcomb X, and all the left wing liars and cheats in the democratic party today, Pelosi and Reed, Franken, Durbin, Clinton, Kerry, oh their are many thousands more, so this is only a sampling. Yes the political correct, those like the Lesbian mayor in Houston Texas who wants to have the Unisex bathrooms made the norm in Houston, so your granddaughter can go to the bathroom and some pervert can enter and show her his penis, or some lesbian can watch her on the toilet, this is just some of what thee political correct animals want, to allow perversion and filth, dark evil crap to be made the norm. Yes, today they fight against the Confederate flag and supporters of the flag, why, because the Confederate soldier was a man, superior in decency, and in all other ways than the Yankee heathen were and it infuriates them. Good, I am so glad it does. We are getting money and support from all parts of America to resist teh Liberals, more flag poles and flags are being constructed and raised, and Yes, the South could get more done with 4 men that the North could accomplish with 15. And the PC faggots, and weak Yankee liberals of our day are still upset and are still trying to re-construct the South. These Morons cannot find their ass with both hands, They are wanting to undo all things good, as evil has always desired to do. These people are rotten, and headed straight for the deepest, hottest part of hell the instant their heart stops.


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Who is he working for, VMFA, Gay Group, or other Liberals.??

Who is he working for, VMFA, Gay Group, or other Liberals.??

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