I had a gentleman comment about the issue of whether or not it was legal, for the various Southern states to secede from the Union or not in 1861 ??

I am sure that those of you who have reached a point where you feel you are so well trained in Jibberish, I mean the Law, that you are sure you know the correct answer. So,, was it legal for God to have the great flood destroy all animals and human beings not aboard Noah’s Ark.

Legal, not legal? Was it legal for the men who fought the British army to gain Americas Independence in 1776-81?  Are you seeing the big picture here.

Courtrooms exist because, I say I am right and you say you are right and they help resolve disputes using ” THE LAW “. Someone, another person or persons, interprets the situation and decides. The very same set of facts in another Courtroom in Montana rules for the Plaintiff, and in Florida the identical issue is decided in favor of the defendant, so how can this be.

Just as our world is not perfectly round, this thing called mans law is certainly not perfect. If it was ok when Virginia voluntarily voted and joined up with the Federal Government in colonial times, then I have no qualms in undoing this, if the majority of the citizens vote for such. They did both of these things, and so did the other Southern states.
Besides, we took the land from someone else in the first place, so who’s land is it, Virginia citizens? the Indians? Gods?

We can for sure find those ” EXPERTS ” WHO WILL TELL US IT WAS LEGAL, AND WHO ALSO WILL TELL US IT WAS ILLEGAL. I am so happy they joined in the first place, and am much happier they seceded, I only wish the North had not illegally invaded our State.

Now, all of you can argue over this while America decays right before your eyes.