Oh, where shall we start, with Generals Ulysses Grant, or William Sherman, or Philip Sheridan and David Hunter, or Lt. Col. George Custer and  Gen. Wesley Merritt, or Col. Randal McKenzie, or perhaps gen. Ben Butler and Burnside or maby we should discuss some of the many other no good rotten bastards that were so low and yellow bellied cowards that to murder women and children as well as to rob and steal from them, Southern civilians and later Indian women and children, yes these rotten criminals have in some places monuments, and few of you seem to care about the truth behind these criminals.

All of the names I have listed above plus many others were guilty of crimes against the Southern civilian population and some also did double duty in killing Indian men women and children in attacks on sleeping villages, shooting into tee pee and lodge buildings with no consideration about who or what were inside. Can you today imagine a police charge into an apartment complex, maby a enemy soldier or Indian is suspected to be in one of the apartments, so you attack, shoot into the various buildings, burn the buildings, and have no regard for innocent children and women.

Well, this was exactly what happened in many cases, lets list several for your reading horror.*

A bit about Sheridan s strategy.

Following the tactics he had employed in Virginia, Sheridan sought to strike directly at the material basis of the Plains Indian nations. He believed — correctly, it turned out — that attacking the Indians’ in their encampments during the winter would give him the element of surprise and take advantage of the scarce forage available for Indian mounts. He was unconcerned about the likelihood of high casualties among noncombatants, once remarking that “If a village is attacked and women and children killed, the responsibility is not with the soldiers but with the people whose crimes necessitated the attack.”

The first demonstration of this strategy came in 1868, when three columns of troops under Sheridan’s command converged on what is now northwestern Oklahoma to force the Kiowa, Comanche, Arapaho and Cheyenne onto their reservations. The key engagement in this successful campaign was George Armstrong Custer’s surprise attack on Black Kettle’s encampment along the Washita River, an attack that came at dawn after a forced march through a snowstorm. Many historians now regard this victory as a massacre, since Black Kettle was a peaceful chief whose encampment was on reservation soil, but for Sheridan the attack served its purpose, helping to persuade other bands to give up their traditional way of life and move onto the reservations.

This bastard, Sheridan along with General Sherman and David Hunter did this in various parts of Virginia and other states, burning the houses of civilians, taking the furniture and valuables out into the yard to pick thru and steal the valuables, they took horses, mules, livestock, burned the fences so cattle or horses could not be kept, burned the barns, the farm equipment and the crop in the fields. Many women and young girls were raped, many civilian men and some children were killed in their careless actions. This was repeated by Sherman, Sheridan, Custer, Merritt, Butler, Burnside, and many other Union officers and men in the War to stop Southern Independence and then again repeated against the Indians, Indians who had made treaties with the U.S. Government with President Grant, and others, then the U.S. Government learned about gold being found, and so the treaties were cancelled, illegally, and the Indians ran off and or murdered if they did not leave and return to reservations set up by the land grabbing U.S. thieves and murderers under the guise as legitimate, when in fact it was all illegal, and these were the very same men who lied, and murdered the Southern people.

There are many instances of attacks, arson, looting, rape, maiming, murder and other crimes all over the South, especially from 1863 thru 1865. Once the war was over, many of these murderers, rapist and robbers were sent out West, to conquer the Indians, and to take their land, gold and other valuables from them and to kill many in the process. When will these facts be engraved on the tombstones, monuments of Lincoln, Grant, Sherman, Sheridan, Butler, Custer, and all the other Northern murderers. Readers, it is true, and if you are a Northerner, I am sorry, because if those listed above are your ancestors, your kin folks, who did these things, I am sorry for you.                   I am so grateful to be A Southerner, our leaders were men, real men, christian and decent honorable men of integrity, not the dirty no good bastards I have listed above.

Anyone who supports and agrees with what these men did, and who write supporting commentary about these bastards, are in my mind no good sonsofbitches, just like those men listed above are.