Hey Toad, the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts is unhappy about you. Yeah man, your sign, your Obscene racist, sexist loud music, they are not happy with you booger.

May be that you need to change shoes, different color freakmobile or perhaps a new set of Itunes.

Yeah, your backers must be professors or grand masters of whatever conclave you heathens come from, cave 666, or somewhere similar. You don’t know as much about the details of the Old Soldiers home, the flaggers, the War to stop Southern Independence as you do about speaking the language of the Sentinelese people. You are a first class third class moron. You poke around on the sidewalk like a fart that has hung around due to not enough wind to disperse it.

Stop making your silliness, get rid of the bike, get rid of the boombox, and act like a man, and I said act, cause you will be some long time getting to be a man.

As to the Liberals inside the museum, you could do some growing up too, and act adult like, you know that it was wrong to order the removal of my ancestors military flag and the flag of many other descendents of those old Confederate soldiers, sailors and marines. You, who ever is responsible should man up and have the backbone to do the right thing and return those flags to the Chapel, it would speed up getting rid of the bad publicity and the good flaggers who would rather stay at home, but will flag you forever more until you do what is right.