I saw a telecast yesterday of Nancy Pelosi in her weekly address. Here once again she lied, bald face LIES. She accuse the five supreme court justices of being men who were taking away the contraceptive devices from women,  here is a quote from the liar herself.

” And really, we should be afraid of this court.  The five guys who start determining what contraception are legal.  Let’s not even go there.  It is so stunning and, of course, this is more like the Wheaton decision a few days later which was also problematic.  But that court decision was a frightening one.  That five men could get down to specifics of whether a woman should use a diaphragm and she should pay for it herself or her boss.  It’s not her boss’s business.  The business is whatever his business is, but it’s not what contraception she uses. “

The supreme court in no way, shape or form spoke or ruled about what contraceptives are legal, or which ones a woman could have, they only ruled over the rights of a employer who opposes abortion on religious grounds does not wish to have to pay for the woman’s contraceptive devices. Again she lied, deceived, and continues to do what Obama and the democratic does daily, lie, lie, lie. This is what the left wing does, today along with Obama we have the same people who attack the Southern people, Confederate history, heritage groups, the flaggers and others that they oppose.


I want to leave you with a small portion of a piece written recently by Professor Donald W. Livingston, from Emory University and president of the Abbeville Institute published in the Confederate Veteran. I think you will find it fascinating, but you have also have heard about a identical story from long ago.
WAR CRIMES:Suppose the legislature of California should today call a convention of the people of the state to vote up or down an ordinance to secede from the Union and it was later ratified by the people in convention. Suppose Oregon and Washington should do the same, and with in three months eleven contiguous states had joined to form a Pacific federation. The federation, then recalls its senators and representatives and sends commissioners to Washington to negotiate payment of federal property and its share of the national debt.In response, the administration in Washington refuses to see the commissioners. It argues that the states are not political societies but administrative units of the national government: that the votes of the people in state constitutional conventions are null and void. A  military force is assembled to invade and coerce the seceding states back into the Union. After nearly two years of fighting when it becomes clear that the federation is determined to maintain its independence and Washington might loose the war, the administration turns to total war, directing it’s forces against civilians in hopes of demoralizing the enemy in order to quickly end the war. Eventually the federation is defeated, it’s cities laid waste, a quarter of bit’s men of military age dead, 60% or more of it’s capital destroyed.This is exactly what occurred in the 1861-1865 Lincoln Invasion and his war to stop Southern Independence, and his arson, robbery, rape destruction and murder of Southern civilians, Americans, murdered by Lincoln. How can you, Simpson, Mackey, Hall, Meyer, Baker, Young, Levin support these terrible things, but not only do you support what happened, you lie about the events to throw blame on others as you like the yankees and Lincoln in 1861, hate the South and Southerners, that is the two faced aspect of the evil men you are, two faced  low lifes, who are so biased and at the same instant they try to paint the South and our people as bigots, racist, and more filthy lies, when it is them, the men and their associates who are really the guilty ones, you are the scoundrels, and the liars.