Friends, it is time that our Liberals, our left wing morons, the young who think the mature folks are ignorant know nothings, the political correct who are INCORRECT, and all those whose aim it is to destroy America to wake up The recent defeat of Eric Cantor was no fluke,what is happening is that the Pendulum has swung too far left and now is being adjusted, as Americans are getting involved.

Many think the Tea Party is weak, few members, ect, but the Tea Party is a movement, an idea, a position by many millions of people who want smaller government, and a government that represents their constituents. It is not a clubhouse, with 10 members.This movement is becoming international, the same ideas, smaller government, lees interference, less taxes, return to law and order, support and obey the constitution, seal our borders, stop the free give away, become energy independent, and have a strong American economy, and then a strong U.S. military to defend this nation as the world becomes more threatening to America each passing day.

It seems to me, any issue the party or people who oppose Obama are then attacked by the Democrats, the left wingers, and all Liberals,all the while, in 99% of the cases, what Obama is doing is going to not only harm, conservative Americans, but Liberal Americans the same and this includes you.

I do not have the time or desire to provide you with each and every example of this, if you are 12 or older, have been sober and drug free, and have had the intelligence to seek information about your governments policy and actions over the past 6-1/2 years, then you obviously do not care what happens to our nation and all those who live here. Yes Obama has done many things, and continues to do many things, and they will be like a giant system of confusion, destruction, and will harm you from every angle.

* A government full of corrupt people, that is broke.

* A military that is unable to perform, he has fired many general officers that are not in tune politically with his liberal ways, this is very, very dangerous to our national defense and existence as a free nation.

* A supreme court that will allow Obama to continue undoing our constitution and allowing policies that are harmful to mankind.

* A nation devoid of Christianity.

* A nation that no longer obeys the law.

* A nation loaded down with illegal human beings who will suck our treasury, destroy our children’s schools, harm our medical institutions, increase disease, unlawfulness, and harm and disrespect the American traditions and values. No nation can succeed with a uncontrollable border as we now have, and it is being inundated with a scourge of major proportion each passing hour and not one thing is being done by Obama as it is what he wants.

* The IRS SCANDAL, WHICH WAS USED TO RE-ELECT THIS CORRUPT, INCOMPETENT,  LIAR. It is still being used, and Obama is helping Lois Lerner and her colleagues cover it up. A violation of Federal law.

* The VA Scandal, known by Obama on day one of his first term and he took no action to fix. A violation of federal law, and manslaughter or murder charges should be made.

* Eric Holder, a man who refuses to obey the law under the direction of Obama.

* Our national policy, there is no National Policy, the whole world laughs at America as it is being DESTROYED BY ERRORS, BLUNDERS, LIES, DISTRUST OF OUR WORD, AS OBAMA HAS LIED TO ALL WHO HE DEALS WITH.

* Benghazi, a much bigger corrupt, lie to save Obama’s face at the expense of 4 American lives that should not have been lost.Obama   should be tried in court for voluntary manslaughter or murder in this.

* Eric Holder, Kathleen Sebelius, Susan Rice, Eric Shanseki, Hilliary Clinton, John Kerry, Chuck Hagel, Gen. Dempsey,  and many, many others who are INCOMPETENT AND HAVE SCREWED UP OUR GOVERNMENT AGENCIES THEY WERE OR ARE  IN CHARGE OF AND LIE TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE.

* The Bowe Bergdahl scandal, a soldier that under normal circumstances would have never been traded for 5 terrorist, but would have been put in prison the moment he touched U.S. Soil, Hell Obama is making him a hero, and has a two star general looking after him, all to attempt to move the medias attention away from his other latest blunder, now this is a major blunder, and before it is solved, another Obama crisis is happening, Iraq, he just last week said no boots on the ground, yesterday boots are on the ground, what up is down, what green is yellow, what in the hell are YOU WAITING FOR, WHY ARE YOU NOT UPSET, WHY ARE YOU NOT TRYING TO GET A REPLACEMENT FOR ALL DEMOCRATS AND ANYONE WHO ALIGNED WITH OBAMA OUT OF OUR GOVERNMENT FORTHWITH, AND TO WORK AS A TE PARTY MINDED CITIZEN, NO MEMBERSHIP, NO CARD, JUST A ATTITUDE, A POSITION, A PATRIOTIC POSITION TO RESTORE AMERICA TO A PLACE UNCORRUPTED, WITH LAW AND ORDER, AND CHRISTIAN VALUES ONCE AGAIN, BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE, OR DO YOU CARE. IF YOU DO NOT CARE, YOU WILL WISH THAT YOU HAD BEFORE ALL IS SAID AND DONE.


Friends, stop being part of the Liberal plan, stop being political correct, these actions are what is empowering the left wing and destroying America. Our Richmond area  ” Virginia Museum of Fine Arts ” and the political leftest actions where they went out of their way in having the two small confederate flags taken off the Confederate Chapel, is one example of a left wing action, the same kinds of things, small but important that is being implemented thousands of times in many places across our land as they wish to erase history.

Their ambition is a nation of feel good, pie in the sky utopia, just sit back, no wars, no taxes, all food and housing is free, smoke pot or whatever drug you wish, no borders, abortion, sex with anyone and anything, animal or man, anti- God actions would be the norm. This is the thinking of many AND IT WILL DESTROY ALL OF US.

Folks, wake up, listen to Bill O’reilly, Megan Kelly or some fox new cast at least once a week to get some news on what is going on, ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, will not give you the truth, they are in bed with this group. Then if you do get informed, work to get the Democrats and liberals out of office, and elect conservative candidates, and lets try to right this ship, it is leaning far over to the left, and if is goes much further it will capsize.