Glory , Glory haleluha, we now have not one, but (2) beautiful Confederate Battle flags flying along Interstate 95.These flags will be viewed by millions of motorists each year, and hopwfully remove some of the myths and distortions that many people, especially from the left wing liberals, potheads, democrats, and other perverts who lean way over to the evil ungodly side of mankind. These are the same people who support gay marriage, homosexuality and abortion, liberalized drug laws, and denounce god and family. These are the same people who have supported and enabled Barry Hussien Obama to run a corrupt and incompetent government. A government that has lied at every turn, they lied to get into office, and have lied at each juncture, FAST AND FURIOUS ILLEGAL GUN SALES, THE IRS SCANDAL, BENGHAZI SCANDAL, THE ILLEGAL ARREST OF A  FOX NEW REPORTER, THE OBAMACARE SCANDAL, THE VA SCANDAL,  AND THIS WEEK, THE RELEASE OF (5) MURDERERS, TO GET BACK A MAN ACCUSED OF BEING A U.S. ARMY DESERTER, PLUS THE INADEQUATELY UNGUARDED U.S. SOUTHERN  BORDER, AND MANY OTHER SCANDALS AND ACTIONS AGAINST OUR NATIONS INTEREST FOR LAW AND ORDER.  Yes United RVA, I really do not know any more than the attacks some of your people such as this uninformed man, Charles Diradour, who attacks the Confederate flag and the supporters of it, saying on tv,
“I love the fact that they keep talking about this as heritage and not hate,” he says. “You see those bumper stickers… that’s humorous.  History regarding that flag is about hatred. It’s about genocide. It’s about actually breeding human beings for work. Don’t talk to me about history.”

Mr. Diradour you are WRONG, and anyone who is honest, and who knows our American history as it pertains to ”  the War to Stop Southern Independence ” is completely aware that it is not about hate, it has nothing to do with genocide, hey, the North attacked the Confederates States, the North burned the civilians houses, and destroyed their crops, The North looted the personal property, and stole the livestock, the North raped the Southern women, The North shelled Southern towns and cities including the homes, stores, churches, and schools occupied by non-combatant civilians and murdered them. I could go on.

The aim of Mr. Diradour is to misinform, to confuse those who are ignorant of the truth, and to push the liberal agenda in all areas, but it is a failed agenda, so he and his goons need a new cause to rally behind, the flag is staying, and more are on the way.

Yes friends, I would rather not have a need to write these blogs, but you need to know what Mr. Diradour of United RVA IS UP TO, AND IT IS NOT GOOD FOR RVA.