I can only wonder why it is that on the Boulevard in Richmond, Virginia, the last Capitol of the Confederate States of America,has a problem displaying the Confederate Battle flag in front of it’s headquarters building.

While I do not know the facts for this, my guess is as follows. The Carpet bagger, liberal, Clinton-Gore, Hilliary Clinton,  Obama-Biden supporter has had a message sent to the DAR that if they want to keep their facility open on the Boulevard they cannot act as a Confederate related, open institution, ? COULD THIS BE WHY NO BATTLE FLAG IS THERE.??


Citizens of Richmond, citizens of Virginia, why do you support and elect  liberal democrat men and women whose aim it is to destroy our country, to slowly change the culture until we have a European society of free love, sex, abortion and everything goes, and it cannot work and will crash down around your neck. Europe has failed, they are on borrowed time, their economy will fail, and socialism and then communism will take over, just watch. America since 1776 has fought to be the land of the free, a strong christian nation, men with integrity, decency, and who love God. Step by step, WITH YOUR VOTE, it is going into the trash heap, because you are stupid, dumb, if you vote Democrat and put Liberals in power who only know evil. These morons do not know God, they laugh at the bible and it’s words to live by, and lead the nation over the cliff, with your help, if you vote democrats into any office. Choose men and women of character, who have integrity and competence, and who love God.