So I am told that money coming into the museum from the government is not as plentiful as it once was. I wonder if the Liberal agenda across part of America, in it’s fraudulent election and re-election of the Liberal in Chief, Barry Obama is in any way partially to blame for any of this. The Obama administration has so far, spent more money, than every previous president combined, in other words, Obama who is the 44th. president, has spent more money that the 43 presidents before him combined. THAT IS INCREDIBLE, AND WRONG.

Now, I mention these things as the same Liberal crowd in the Virginia Museum are in step with this man, and in step with the political police

as they make the rules for society, for you, for me, or at least they want to do this, Recently all the talking heads were up in arms over a man, a white man who in a PRIVATE CONVERSATION, discussed with his “Girl-friend, assistant, Mistress, friend ” whatever you call a 29 year old woman that you buy her cars, jewelry, homes, clothes ect. and is not your wife. Besides that, it was her and him talking in private.

TRUTH TIME, What have you said in private that would, could be considered to be racist, every black Basketball, Football, Baseball, Boxer, carpenter, truck driver, Lawyer,  and so on in America is lieing if he/she says they never used the 6 letter word that starts with N  and ends with R, and much worse. That whole episode in California is a knee jerk reaction to act like some one did some big bad thing.  BULLSHIT.

If Mr. Sterling does not like cats, dogs, monkees, oatmeal, strawberries or any person, race, or whatever, that is his right. Now I did not say he could kill them, or physically harm them, or cheat them, but for Gods sake, he can like or dislike whomever or whatever he chooses. HEY FOR THE RECORD, I DO NOT LIKE BARRY OBAMA, NANCY REID, JOE BIDEN, NANCY PELOSI, DICK DURBEN, ERIC HOLDER, AL FRANKEN, HILLIARY CLINTON, THE HEADE GUY IN IRAN, EGYPT, NORTH KOREA, RUSSIA,SYRIA, AFGHANISTAN, IRAQ, MEXICO, and many others, so BAND ME, DON’T LET ME HAVE ANY MORE ICE CREAM, OREO COOKIES, OR JELLY BEANS, AND THE SAME GOES FOR YOU, BECAUSE YOU DON’T LIKE ME. SEE WHAT i MEAN.

Listen, the museum needs to MUSEUM, it needs to stay out of the Liberal politics, the PC policing, the interference in the flag that should be on the front of the CONFEDERATE CHAPEL, and to do thin gs related to finding friends and money. Today the actions of the VMFA is offending me and thousands of other Virginia citizens by interfering in the Chapel. Forcing the removal of the flag is wrong, illegal and disgraceful, and you the VMFA should correct this error immediately.That little chapel way out in the back corner was not bothering anyone, but what you have done is bothering thousands, so get smart, and restore the flag back to the front of the chapel, and stop with the Liberal political agenda and start being museum managers.