The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts is practicing illegal discrimination in it’s refusal to allow the Confederate Battle Flag to be on the front of the Confederate Chapel in Richmond, Va.

This museum and it’s board of Directors and Trustees, should immediately demand that the Museum return the Confederate Battle flag that once proudly flew on the front of the Virginia Historical Building, a building that was built with money from soldiers and friends and supporters of old soldiers to have a place of worship on the grounds of the old Confederate Soldiers Home, that is now also the site of the VMFA which occupies a part of the old soldiers home property.

The Carpet Bagger, Liberal, Political Correct agents of the VMFA and perpetrators of discrimination, removed the flag and refuse to return it to this chapel.

The Confederate chapel, a place that served the old Confederate Soldiers and sailors, and their familes, and where an estimated 1700 funeral services were held and uncountable other spiritual services have been held. This building was built for the purpose of serving the aged Confederate veterans, and this was it’s purpose to them, and to now have a bunch of people who do not know America’s history and Virginia’s history, will display any and all types of art, some that offends me from time to time, but I do not object.

In respect to the Confederate Flag, this flag and the families and ancestors of Confederate Soldiers are being discriminated against our history, our heritage is valid and real, and as Americans and as Virginians we should not be singled out to have our symbol of the brave men who defended Virginia during the Northern Invasion, our Virginia and Southern heritage, be erased by an institution such as The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. THIS IS WRONG, AND IT IS ILLEGAL, AND SHOULD BE CORRECTED NOW.

I call on the Ladies and Gentlemen who oversee the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts to correct this wrong and to restore the flag to the chapel where it once flew, and to resolve this issue and we can all live side by side in harmony. This would be the right action to take, please correct this wrong.

For all those others who may read this, I ask that you contact your Virginia House of Delegates member and ask for their assistance in getting this wrong corrected. You can also e mail and call the hardheaded Carpet Baggers, but to warn you, they are so Liberal and unfriendly that this will be unpleasant as they do not care about doing what is right.