Finally we have spring time in Virginia, the daffodills are in bloom, the Dogwoods and Red Buds are showing their colors and the Robins, Purple Martins and Blue birds are nesting in their annual cycle of life. Me, I will today join the other men and women who will  carry a beautiful flag along the sidewalk of the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, and a museum led by Liberal Marxist whose aim is to erase from our American culture, the history that they no longer wish to recognize. Richmond Virginia and the Capitol city of the Confederate States of America, where many of the greatest men and women of our nation lived, worked, and were also forced in to a war after the Lincoln invaded the South.

Robert E. Lee, no finer, more honorable good man other than George Washington ever existed in Virginia or anywhere else, and these two men at different periods in our nations history, led honorable men and women as they fought for Independence for their people. From 1861 until about 1970, Virginia, and most parts of the South and even the North displayed respect for those Confederate men and women who did what their honor and duty demanded, they defended their family and their  states against an invasion. They sought not to take over the Nation, but only to defend the South from being attacked by men who had no limits on their brutality. You see, the Yankees, and many were new hired immigrants who were barbarians that were led by Yankee barbarian officers, who attacked Southern civilians just as they attacked Southern soldiers and sailors.  Now we have a new generation or two of Americans, who have adopted the liberal Marxist agenda, the agenda that they are to erase any history they do not like, to support immorality lifestyles, gay marriage, homosexuality as the norm, abortion as normal, anti-gun, pro welfare, pro drug, pro illegal immigration, and anti God with no moral limits.

So these same heathens, the Liberal Marxists, continue to attempt to erase anything they do not like, such as to have all history and things that remind them of the War to Stop Southern Independence and Confederate Battle flag, removed from the CONFEDERATE CHAPEL on the grounds there where the Confederate Chapel is located, and the VMFA is nearby.. Now, I do not ask or suggest to have the Confederate Battle flag posted on all buildings, or all other places that are not appropriate from a historical perspective, but I do want it to be allowed to fly at Confederate Historical buildings, Confederate grave sites, and other Confederate facilities and such appropriate places. The Confederate battle flag must be allowed to fly where it once flew on the Confederate Chapel on the grounds of the Old Confederate Soldiers home property, and on the Confederate Chapel, the building was there long before the The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts obtained this property, and the Liberals now that are in charge are so uppity and anti-Southern that this flag offends them, and I say, to bad, the Chapel and the flag supersede these heathens. So, I will join those men and women, my friends in common cause to protest the VMFA and demand that they restore the Confederate Battle FLAG TO THE CONFEDERATE CHAPEL and we can stop flying dozens of flags all across the sidewalk each week, when the solution is so simple, return the flag back to the chapel and we can all go home. Why not show reason VMFA, why not show leadership, as you talk about artistic and cultural differences inside the museum, but on the outside you demonstrate intolerance, you are HYPOCRITES, YOU HAVE DOUBLE STANDARDS AND YOU ARE INFLEXIBLE STIFF NECKED HEATHENS.