The so called Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, has and does have many works that are truly art, and they also have various artifacts and art objects from around the world that pass thru this facility. I not being one who is deep in art history, and or not well read on all those various type and classifications of WHAT IS ART, and frankly do not think a true definitive answer is possible.

You can scan the books and read the many articles and debates, the” ART”  controversies, nudity, is is art, or is it pornography, animal dung smeared across a canvas, is so called art, is it art, or is it a crude expression of the uncivilized, they call it art.??


The African jungles are filled with people who behave in a wild manner, piercing their genitals with bones, and doing all sorts of uncivilized things to their bodies, and actions and interaction with wild animals we normally call bestiality, I call it actions of heathens, the VMFA likely says it is just different forms of expression.?? where does it start, and where does it end, no one seems to know when we are talking about the inside of the museum, but somehow, when they leave the magic of the VMFA building, then they, THE MUSEUM MANAGEMENT are all knowing, they tell me and many others that our ancestors flag is inappropriate, but the Mule dung on the wall is fine. So I ask you, is the world upside down, is right wrong, and whatever they say right, it appears to be so to them, but I have news for them, they are Wrong and our flag is right for the Confederate Chapel, and it will fly on the chapel sooner or later, mark my words VMFA.

Their are millions of examples, controversies, and arguments never ceasing, but the power to be in the Virginia Museum of Fine Art is not at all flexible about other matters, and that is hypocritical at the least, and arrogance at the extreme., when it comes to determining what historical artifacts, or items, or which symbols are appropriate to be part of the Confederate Chapel that they (THE CURRENT GANG OF LIBERALS) determine that the primary symbol of the Confederate States of America, and the army as such, considered then and the ancestors and knowledgeable members of society who correctly know Confederate history and culture consider now, the Confederate Battle Flag is that symbol. Yet these stiff necked liberals, deny you and me and all persons who respect and honor our Confederate  ancestors and all those places, buildings, parks, graveyards, battle fields, and such places that our ancestors lived, worshiped, fought and died, to be sacred places, deserving of dignity and respect, yet these liberals at the VMFA, refuse to allow the Confederate Battle flag to be placed on this chapel where it once hung. So, how can they be the art police, the cultural freedom thy exercise inside those walls, is so different from how they behave on the outside of the museum  walls.