No monument, of any kind, should be erected to honor the Federal Army and it’s illegal, immoral, invasion, destruction, rape and murder of Southern people in the War Lincoln started to prevent Southern Independence. I know of no monuments in Israel that honors Hitler and the Nazi murders or the Jewish people.


When will the perversion that Brooks Simpson, Jimmy the Dick, Big Head Mackey, Andy the Ball-less Hall, BParks and all of their Liberal comrades, oh did I forget to include the no good COWARD bastard with the e mail address of “, who is a typical Northern supporter of the lies told about the war, stop the lies, and stop their folly in attacking the Southern Heritage groups and at the same time beg for new Yankee monuments.


These people are such cowards, they lie, distort, attack those that are doing worthwhile projects, as they do nothing positive whatsoever. These ball less geldings, are just a bunch of fat slobs, who have no real usefulness in society, are cowards, and likely worse. These small boys, or miniature men want-a-be’s, should not have any hope of receiving respect from their children , if any of you have children, as you and your associates give no respect, and deserve no respect, and you are no real men. Shame on all of you, and damn you.

When the above noted people and their comrades, stop their attacks, and stop their lies, against the good and honorable work of Southern heritage groups, and stop the distortion and lies about the Lincoln led War, that was to prevent The Southern states from gaining Independence in 1861-1865, and shall behave in a respectful manner, then we will all be better for it, but you should not have any monuments that honor the terrible things the Yankee Army did during that awful war.